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Website technical audit

Analysis of the technical state of the resource is the first step to successful promotion

A website technical audit is carried out before starting comprehensive SEO or in order to maintain positions in the search results. The check of the technical and software components of an online platform is aimed at finding internal errors that worsen the indexing and ranking of pages. Often, a detailed analysis of the performance and functionality of the resource allows to find new points for the development of the project.

The technical site audit at Sprava Agency is not only an automatic check of the site using SEO and analytics services, but also a diagnosis of indicators carried out by specialists in the field of search engine optimization. The extended analysis allows to take into account all the nuances that will make the site visible to the search engine and users, improve its positions in the search results and attract the maximum target traffic.

The technical site audit of the site includes checking:

  • speed of page loading;
  • cross-platform compatibility;
  • meta-tags and titles;
  • text uniqueness;
  • broken links;
  • site indexing in search engines;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • URL structure;
  • sitemap;
  • 404 error page;
  • mobile optimization;
  • social network integration;
  • competitor analysis.

Technical audit services from SPRAVA agency

After completing the technical site audit, specialists compile a comprehensive report, which includes a list of errors and recommendations for their elimination. The report also contains a plan for further work on the project, taking into account the findings of the audit.

Sprava Agency has been successfully providing technical audit services for many years, helping online platforms to improve their performance and increase organic traffic. Our team consists of experienced specialists who use modern methods and tools to analyze the technical state of the resource and identify problem areas.

The technical audit of a website is a crucial first step in promoting a web resource. The audit ensures that the website meets both official and unofficial requirements set by Google. Without a thorough technical audit, it will be difficult to showcase the high quality of the product offered, to highlight the benefits of the product, or to promote the prices and delivery options. Technical audits are necessary for both new and established websites. At Sprava agency, you can order a technical audit of your website before launching it, after making modifications, or before buying or selling a web platform.

The advantages of ordering a technical SEO audit at Sprava Agency

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • Expanding opportunities for growth
    In addition to using SEO programs and services such as Clarity, Google Analytics, and Search Console, we also use manual analysis. This approach not only allows us to identify errors, but also to use additional tools to improve the position of the site.
  • Understandable report
    We do not compile reports on dozens of pages that our clients and their employees have to decipher on their own. SEO specialists at the Sprava agency analyze the information obtained during the audit and provide clear recommendations for making improvements.
  • Flexible pricing policy
    The service provided by Sprava Agency is available to businesses of any size, including companies with modest budgets for promotion. The price of a website technical audit depends on its condition and the number of pages.
  • Providing additional services
    In addition to technical expertise, you can order a comprehensive SEO audit, bug fixing, internal and external optimization of the resource, as well as improving usability. We do basic promotion, provide SEO support, configuration and management of Google Ads campaigns.

What you will get as a result of a technical audit of the website

Based on the results of the check, we compile a structured report that indicates:

  • List of errors;
  • Ways to fix them;
  • Priority of making corrections;
  • General conclusions.

The report is provided in a pdf file. The information is presented in an accessible form not only for SEO specialists and web developers, but also for marketers and business managers.

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What does a technical audit give to a site?

Technical expertise helps to understand:

  • How many visible pages for search engines and users there are on the site;
  • What amount of work should be planned;
  • About how much the technical optimization work will cost.

Correcting technical errors will help to improve the visibility of pages in the search and increase traffic.

How does a technical audit differ from an SEO audit?

The concept of an SEO audit is broader. Comprehensive expertise includes:

  • Technical audit of the site - checking the compliance of the technical and software components of the resource with the requirements of the search engine;
  • Usability audit - evaluation of the resource's work from the perspective of the user audience, including analysis of the structure, design, placement of CTA buttons and order forms;
  • Search audit - analysis of the effectiveness of internal and external optimization;
  • Content audit that allows you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the text and visual content of the resource;
  • Marketing audit, which includes analysis of the target audience, competitors and behavioral factors to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

The technical audit of the website as an element of comprehensive diagnostics is of primary importance and is performed first.

For which websites and when is an audit necessary?

Technical expertise is required for resources:

  • before launch;
  • before and after modifications;
  • when migrating - changing domain, hosting, URLs, CMS;
  • when there is a need to change the promotion strategy.

In order to avoid accumulating errors and for the site not to "lag" in the search results and continue to successfully perform its functions, periodic audits are necessary even in the absence of visible problems. It can be done, for example, monthly, once a quarter or half-year.

How much does a technical audit of a website cost?
The cost of the service is determined individually. The price depends on the state of the resource, the amount of work performed, and the time spent by specialists. To find out how much an audit of your site will cost, contact us and discuss the project with a Sprava Agency manager.
Is it possible to conduct a technical audit on your own?

Checking the technical and software components of a website is a complex task that requires specialized knowledge. We recommend entrusting this work to professionals who can accurately identify existing technical errors and help fix them.

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