Case study of targeted advertising: From 0 to 230 requests per month for an international recruitment company

Promoting recruiting company is possible

If you are the owner or marketer of a recruiting or other consulting agency, you know without a doubt about all the “sticks and stones” of promoting such a business. Users do not always trust such companies because of the non-professional players in the market and the lack of a clear idea of the service and guarantee of its quality.

However, for the Sprava Agency team, any difficulties are not a problem but a challenge accepted. With the help of targeted advertising, only in a month, we managed to attract 975 visitors to the customer profile (narrow-specialized recruiting company) and get 230 resumes. So we will tell you how we did it. 

Meet the project

Our client is an international company, Grace Consulting Company, registered in Odessa, has an office in Poznan (Poland), and specializes in employing drivers of different categories in European countries.

The organization provides Ukrainians and citizens of other countries with a full range of services:

  • Employer search;
  • Execution of the labor contract;
  • Providing advice and qualified assistance in obtaining visas, chip cards, and code 95 for Poland and Lithuania;
  • Provision of legal support during the period of the agreement validity.
The initial situation, challenges, and cooperation goals

At the time of reaching out to our digital agency, the client already had a profile on social networks. The company independently launched targeted advertising on Facebook and placed ads in different groups. However, there were few responses from this social network, and there were no responses from Instagram.

The most significant difficulty in promoting recruitment services and any other consulting business is the need to work on objections and doubts of the audience as to the reliability of the company, convenience, and overall practicality of cooperation. The concerns of potential customers are mainly related to the negative experience of the past and uncertainty in the successful solution of the problem. It is the main reason for the absence or a small number of requests.

The main client’s goal was to attract a target audience and receive requests from social networks via Direct or a feedback form. Our task was to set up targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Having audited profiles, we have further suggested the client fill in accounts with the latest information, emphasize the company’s advantages and add reviews to inspire confidence in their audience.

Works done
The work of our team can be divided into 5 stages.
01 Accounts audit. During the analysis of the company’s Facebook page, it turned out that the account, for specific reasons, is not suitable for launching advertising campaigns. Thus, we decided to set targeted advertising only on Instagram.
02 Working on the Instagram account. We updated the profile and prepared content covering the target audience’s most likely objections. We created up-to-date Stories and posts in the company’s corporate style and pinned some for search convenience. Corrected the avatar and profile info, added contact information, and placed the link to the Bitrix form in the “links” field, through which one can directly leave the request.
Ads creation. Developed advertising creatives with offers for drivers looking for work abroad. We also prepared vacancy texts.
Setting up targeted advertising. We focused on different segments and goals of the target audience, determined the geolocation (3 countries), and set the budget.
Running campaigns. We launched new advertising and scaled campaigns that worked before and showed good results.
Work results
The chosen strategy proved its effectiveness:

the launch of targeted advertising in three geographical locations brought 975 users, and the client received 230 resumes already in the first month of cooperation! The cost of one lead was from $0.82 to $3.4, depending on the country.
 During the campaign, the number of subscribers increased more than twice, although it was not the primary goal of the advertising campaigns.

Profile improvement

Profile improvement, arranging posts, and well-thought-out ad settings allowed to increase the number of advertising displays by 338% and interaction with content — by 402%. So, we see a sharp rise in indicators.

Mariia Pavliuchenko

Project manager
at Sprava Agency


Working with businesses in the niche of consulting services, one should consider the audience’s concerns to meet unfair organization and waste money. And therefore, in the company’s profile, posts on social networks, and advertising, it is better to:

  • Specify the sphere of activity to weed out non-target clients;
  • Convince the audience of the reliability of the company;
  • Emphasize the benefits of cooperation;
  • Refuse calls to order service immediately and offer to apply with questions and consult with the expert instead.

After increasing the requests, we started reducing each application’s cost. The campaign’s good results inspired the client to expand the geography of ad display. In addition, two more branches are planned to be opened in European countries”.

Let’s sum up
We want to note that we are now scaling the advertising campaign to other
EU countries.

For this purpose, a new account is in development (filling it with the necessary content, general launch preparation: new creatives and offers), and also working on attracting a new audience.

Targeted advertising is an effective marketing tool that can solve several business tasks: Attract clients/employees/buyers, and increase sales and brand awareness. However, it is necessary to prepare a profile on social networks for the promotion and correctly set up the ads for the campaign to bring the desired result and the budget expenses to pay off. And, of course, it is better to address this work to the pros. Read more our digital marketing case studies on the website.

Do you work in the sphere of services? Have you already tried to promote accounts on social networks and launched targeted advertising, but your efforts have not yet yielded results? Would you like to receive new clients from Facebook and Instagram? Contact Sprava Agency. We will conduct an audit and necessarily find a solution that will help correct the situation and find ways for further development.

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