Traffic is falling! What to do and how to compensate? The example of a furniture store in Odesa

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The example of a furniture store in Odesa

The semantic core is a list of keywords for which the site is optimized.

Potential clients can search the website by these keywords. Therefore your site must occupy the highest possible position in SERP. This is what SEO specialists do.

Cooperation purpose:
  • Moving the website to the TOP-10 ranking on targeted keywords
  • Brand promotion
  • Increase website visits and, accordingly, the number of calls and orders.

A website with outdated design and functionality, not adaptive for mobile devices.

Ranking in search engines: 44% in TOP-10, semantic core - 37 keywords.

What is done

Systematic work gave its results in six months - on 81% of targeted keywords, the site ranked in the TOP-10 (that is, on the first page of Google).

Set of initial works on SEO promotion:

  • collecting and clustering a semantic core
  • site optimization for selected keywords
  • technical errors correction
02 Work on the link juice

Scheduled monthly (!) site promotion works in search engines:

  • optimization of landing pages for the current semantic core
  • writing texts and filling landing pages (we conduct niche research quarterly and create content-plan to fill the pages with information that is relevant and helps to distinguish the site for Google against competitors)
  • working on website pages
  • bug fixing and website usability improvement

We developed a new website in late 2016 - early 2017, adapting to mobile devices.

According to the analytics systems, more than a third of all visitors (40%) comes from mobile devices and tablets! Therefore, it was necessary to make the site more convenient for this category of potential clients and keep them!

We got the result six months later, and it was the maximum - 100% of keywords in the TOP! But it’s not in our rules to stop on the achieved So...


In 2019, we expanded the semantic core from 37 to 128 keywords.

New phrases have been added that cover narrower areas relevant to the customer.


We installed the security certificate - one of the essential ranking factors for search engine algorithms!


At the beginning of 2020, we developed a new site on a new modern administrative panel with enhanced customer management and SEO promotion capabilities.

Site updates, customization, and an adaptive version have yielded results, along with work on SEO promotion.
Using the website from the smartphone has become much more convenient.

Search engine ranking rose from 44% to 92%.


The decrease in November 2019 on the screenshot results from the update and expansion of the semantic core: in the first month, of course, there is no ranking on new keywords, which affects the overall percentage. Plus, it takes time and regular SEO work to see growth. As happened in this case - two years after the expansion of the core, positions increased by 30%.


But we must say that the traffic to the website decreased. In the screenshot below - the schedule of attendance from July 2014 (four months before the start of the promotion) to November 2021.

promotion strategies for your business

The chart clearly shows that until February 2016, on the site, there was an increase in attendance, and after - a decline began.

What is it related to? Over the past four years, the competition in the Internet market in furniture sales and manufacturing has grown very much, and more than one informative and user-friendly website is needed.

Usually, in such situations, if there is a need to increase sales from the site quickly, it saves Google Ads (in our case, the customer receives the required number of applications without attracting advertising traffic). Other digital marketing tools (for example, social networks) work on the company’s image on the Web and increase the audience's loyalty through promotions and bonus offers.


What is more important? Before the start of the promotion, all the visits to the site were mainly by the domain name. To date, we have managed to increase the number of sources.

These are mainly (82%) visits from search engines, backlinks (the result of off-page SEO optimization), messengers, and social networks. Thus, the site has reached new levels of work with potential clients!

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