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Full cycle healthcare seo services

Search engine promotion for a stable flow of clients and optimization of advertising costs

Healthcare SEO services are in high demand and are among the most competitive niches. Providing quality services is not enough for attracting patients and business development: launching a website that will attract both users and search engines is essential. SEO for medical websites is a profitable investment because it will ensure the flow of customers in the long term.

Healthcare SEO services

The Sprava Agency team knows how to get a website of a medical center, clinic, or private office ranked on Google. Search promotion will help you to become recognizable in the market, stand out from your competitors and attract a «warm» audience, saving money on advertising. Investment in SEO will pay off in about six months. In the future, traffic will continue to come to the target pages even without additional attachments.

SEO services for doctors is:

  • definition of final and intermediate goals of promotion and regular evaluation of the effectiveness of the work performed;
  • audit, including niche and competitors, technical and external analysis, and usability check of a web resource;
  • development of a strategy to promote the healthcare center website;
  • on-page and off-page optimization;
  • creation of expert content to build trust with the potential patient;
  • regional SEO services for doctors and clinics;
  • improving UX;
  • detailed report on positions and conversions, and work plan for the next reporting period.
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The key advantage of our SEO agency for healthcare companies is a comprehensive approach to promotion. The efforts of our team of specialists are aimed not only at increasing your site’s position in the search results, but also at increasing sales through the site.

A user-friendly website increases the conversion rate and the number of requests. At Sprava Agency, we know exactly what information should exist on the main page, so that the user can find the answers to all questions and contact you. Placement of the most relevant and detailed information about the medical institution, doctors, and the services provided weeds out non-target clients and reduces the time for processing applications.

Medical SEO services
Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • We have been doing SEO for medical companies to Google top for more than 20 years. We know how to position a specialist, clinic, or medical center in the market.
  • Developing a marketing strategy according to niche (multidisciplinary center, dentistry, laboratory) and location.
  • We provide a full range of services to promote your brand. Among them are website design and development, registration in directories, own CMS integration, creation of a Google My Business account, and much more.
  • Google’s requirements for YMYL resources (Your Money or Your Life) and E-A-T factors (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) are taken into account when promoting a clinic, medical center, or laboratory website.
  • During the working period, the project is assigned to an account manager, who provides detailed information on the current stage of promotion.
  • The effectiveness of our medical SEO services has been proven experimentally. You do not have to pay extra for work that directly affects the result.

What is the result of SEO promotion of medical website?

The main objective of SEO is to increase the site’s position and grow the targeted traffic organically. Most users looking for a product or service make their choice on the first page of the search results and rarely move on to the following one.

Placing a site at the top provides:

  • high visibility to potential patients who are already looking for your services;
  • increased targeted traffic to the site, the number of applications, and online bookings;
  • raising brand awareness, and building trust;
  • advertising savings.

SEO services for healthcare centers, clinics, and specialists are a reliable and profitable tool to attract new clients.

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Do you make SEO for medical websites from scratch?

If you are not yet available online, you’re in the right place. Sprava Agency will develop a site with an adaptive version and friendly interface, filling it with expert text, photo, and video content. We will create an online resource with clear navigation and design that will make you recognizable among competitors. The structure development will take into account the relevant keywords by which users seek services.

If you have a website that has lost its position and stopped attracting requests, order an audit. We’ll check the usability, design, structure, and content of the web resource, pay attention to tiny details, and provide you with a clear strategy for further action.

What is more advantageous for medical center promotion - SEO or Google Ads?

SEO and Google Ads are different tools, although both involve attracting traffic from the searches. Search engine optimization is a long-term process that requires investment mainly at the initial stage. On the other hand, Google Ads allows you to get the results immediately. The fee is charged per click and depends on the competition, which is high in the medical niche. In addition, advertising medical products and services have many restrictions.

With the right approach, you can get good results from both advertising and promotion of medical clinics in an organic search, so the ideal option is to combine these tools in a single campaign.

Is a one-time service order enough for continuous traffic?

One-time optimization is appropriate for a low competitive niche and narrowly specialized services. In other cases, the primary SEO will also help ensure the long-term flow of customers. However, search algorithms change, and competitors do not sleep, so optimization needs to be engaged constantly to ensure stable traffic. We at SPRAVA follow the trends in SEO and the requirements of search engines, analyze the «pain» and doubts of the target audience and help you to realize the full potential of your site.

How quickly can healthcare SEO services results be evaluated?

Choosing SEO as a marketing tool is worth the patience. The results should start to show after about 4-6 months. If you need to get traffic and first orders quickly, Google Ads will help.

How do I evaluate the effectiveness of SEO services for doctors and healthcare?

You can use Google Analytics to track traffic dynamics on the site and individual pages. Using analytics data, we will provide you with a detailed report on each stage of work, ranking, and conversion. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are defined before the implementation of the approved strategy at the goal-setting stage.

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