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More than SEO

We have been working with search engine optimization of websites since 2000. We were present at the birth of this market. Name your niche and we'll show you a case!

Website SEO promotion is a project work, a series of operations that combine consulting - audits, technical tasks, analytics - and implementation work with the technical parameters of the site, texts, usability and more. All this we know how to do and love to do.

What do we offer?
Search Engine Optimization Services

Why do businesses need these services? To earn more. Customers call such services differently: “website promotion”, “Search Engine Optimization Services”.

Google Contextual Advertising

Search engines charge advertisers for placing such ads, as opposed to search engines. This is an important point, because the payment for the service of contextual advertising consists

Creation of turnkey websites

You do not have to look for a designer, a copywriter with SEO knowledge, a layout designer and a programmer. In the company RIGHT, the site is created by a team of specialists.

SEO audit services

The website must meet the requirements of the search engine and the needs of the target audience to get Top-ranked on Google, traffic and sales.

There are no difficult niches for business development - there are right strategies for website services

What are we doing for your business?
The whole cycle of high-quality SEO

We offer: an increase the number of hits from the website, a range of services for promoting websites in search engines

Contextual advertising

Let's get the target audience. We guarantee the growth of applications, expenses optimization. Optimal cost per click, accurate targeting and maximum conversion to sales.


Drafting and implementation of recommendations


Seo-audit of the site by experienced specialists

Web analytics

To track website performance

Website development

If you do not have it or the site is outdated

What we do and what result you will get:

We do:
  • technical and search audit of the website
  • site usability audit and implementation of necessary changes to the site
  • website visualization upgrade in search engine results
  • we perform website search engine optimization in the Google
  • analytics setup
  • setting meta tags
  • detailed reports
You get:
  • an individual strategy for promoting your site with search keywords for 4-6 months, relevant to your customers and your niche
  • your site meets not only the requirements of search engines, but it’s also handy for a potential buyer to find the necessary information, make a purchase, order, and contact you. Thus, the number of sales increases
  • your site stands out among competitors, it is visited more often, people buy on it more often
  • your site is found by those Internet visitors who would like to buy your product, order your service, the number of sales through the site increases
  • you will know how and where visitors come to your site, what interests them
  • you will know how many sales, orders you received thanks to our work
  • you understand what work was carried out on your site, and what for, the result of such work and what is planned to be done next
How we do it: Case studies

For some business niches, our projects are the only ones in the results among the aggregator sites

Our feature - we do all the work "Turnkey"
We’re agency with proven results
It's easy and convenient with us

You will receive effective marketing tools and analytics. Convenient and understandable project reports on your desk every month

Your sales matter

You will see the result, not the process. Your most difficult task will be realized

Dedicated project teams

For your project, we will form a team of 5-7 specialists. We work to achieve the goals of your business, thoroughly understanding it

A complex approach

Your business will reach a new level. Modern project management tools allow you to always be aware of project dynamics and make changes

Submit an application for your website search engine promotion
Let's make your site a tool for turning users into customers
We guarantee
and don't make empty promises
Transparent process of working on your project

We discuss all the stages of working with the site and give a full report on the work, as well as access to all analytics systems

Interest in achieving your goals

We constantly analyze the market and offer changes that are effective today

Actual methods of website promotion

We do not offer what no longer works

What is included in the cost of SEO-promotion of a site in the TOP-10?

We perform all turnkey works and practice an integrated approach:

you do not have to look for a separate programmer who implements the technical requirements of seo specialists or a separate link manager. All these people will already be working on your project. At the very beginning of cooperation, we will draw up a strategy specifically for your project and include all the necessary work there. The main ones are: fixing technical errors, seo-optimization, work on usability, filling the site with content, external optimization (link-building).

Why are we better than others in website promotion?

Our experience and case studies speak for themselves. We have been on the market for more than 20 years and during this time we have managed to build a real team of specialists who will work on your project. We know that the maximum result can be achieved only through complex work, but we always take into account the peculiarities of each project. After all, there are no two identical businesses, yours definitely has that cherished USP that will set you apart from your competitors. And we are ready to help you to narrate about it on the Internet.

What works are included in the budget for website promotion?

We will show the main list of works, but we will remind you that the strategy is built specifically for your project and your niche:

  • Analysis of competitors in order to understand with whom we enter the online sales market;
  • Filling out a brief, where we will collect as much information as possible about what we have at the start of cooperation and what results we are striving for;
  • Collection of the semantic core (list of search engine queries for promotion) - according to this list of queries, we monthly work to bring the site to the TOP of search results;
  • Technical analysis of the site, preparation of technical specifications to eliminate errors;
  • Distribution of queries by landing pages (clustering);
  • Report on the position of the site at the time of the start of work;
  • Carrying out start-up work (working with the robots.txt file, 404 settings, working with webmasters, elimination template duplicates of pages);
  • Development of technical task for the initial website optimization;
  • Implementation of works according to the technical specification and verification;
  • Optimization of articles according to the content plan and placement on the site;
  • Development of technical task for usability (we always focus on displaying the site from mobile devices, since now more than half of site visitors go to the site using smartphones);
  • Coordination of work on usability;
  • Implementation of work on usability;
  • Carrying out work to improve the snippet in the search results;
  • Monthly report on the main indicators of the site (traffic, positions, behavioral factors, sources), as well as providing recommendations for improving the site.
How much does it cost to order website promotion in search engines?

The cost of search engine promotion sites from 6000 UAH / month.

How to order website optimization in Sprava?

Visit one of our offices, fill out the feedback form or give us a call.

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