SEO audit services

Comprehensive checkup for effective web resource promotion

Any website must meet the requirements of the search engine and the needs of the target audience to get top-ranked on Google, and the resulting increase in traffic and sales. Promotion should start with SEO audit services, which aims to identify and correct bugs that negatively affect visits and conversion.

At Sprava, you can order an audit of your website in its pre-launch stage, as well as the running one, to increase its efficiency and maintain high-ranking positions.

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic

What is SEO audit

A website’s SEO audit services is a complex analysis. Its purpose is to find bugs and mistakes that prevent the site from moving to the top; it also identifies strong sides and growth points of the resource.

SEO expertise allows us to detect:
  • technical bugs that reduce the visibility of pages when searching;
  • imperfections of the site’s interface and structure;
  • gaps in the content component;
  • weak points of the marketing strategy.

We create a report according to audit results, indicating bugs and making recommendations for their correction. The conclusion identifies the potential and possible methods of project development.

What works are carried out within website SEO audit services

Basic technical setup check

  • robot.txt files, sitemap.xml
  • main mirror settings
  • redirecting
  • resource protocol
  • language version

Site Status Analysis

  • site and page download speed
  • code errors
  • finding duplicates of content, titles, metatags
  • presence of broken links

Diagnostics of page indexing condition and quality

  • number of indexed pages
  • target content availability for indexing
  • hiding technical pages, user data, system files and directories from scanning by search robots

Usability audit

  • adaptability for different types of devices
  • structure logic
  • website usability

Marketing audit

  • competitiveness
  • meeting interests of target audience
  • behavioural factors
  • conversion

Content analytics

  • quality and correspondence of texts and visual content to the subject of the resource
  • uniqueness
  • completeness of information
  • compliance of text with the requirements of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness)

Commercial test

  • contact information
  • range of goods and services
  • target action buttons
  • payment and shipping terms

Evaluation of internal and external search engine optimization

  • optimization of text and visual content, availability of keys on target pages
  • site general optimization
  • link juice analysis

Work with Google Search Console (when granting access)

  • checking reports of problems on the website
  • indexing analysis
  • control of security and sanctions sections
  • study of Core Web Vitals indicators
  • analysis of the “Efficiency” section
  • structured data audit (analysis of error types, warnings)

Advantages of professional SEO audit service from Sprava Agency

  • Manual and automated checking

Our specialists carry out a manual review in addition to SEO services and analytics. An integrated approach allows quick audits and attention to all crucial promotion aspects.

  • Clear and detailed report

We provide the description of errors and their correction and recommendations on the realization of the site's maximum potential in a language accessible not only to SEO specialists but also to project managers and marketers, who may not know all the intricacies of optimization.

  • Reasonable price

The cost of a website's SEO audit depends on the scale of the project, its current state, and competition in the niche. At Sprava agency, you can order expertise in volumes corresponding to the allocated budget for promotion.

  • Extra services

If necessary, we will help you to implement recommendations for fixing errors on the website. We provide a wide range of services for developing and promoting web projects, and we also have expertise in launching and conducting advertising campaigns in Google Ads.

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic

What result do you get

Based on the audit results, we provide a detailed report that contains the following:

  • target audience portrait and behavioral analysis of website visitors;
  • competitor research: their strong and weak sides;
  • a list of technical errors and tips for their elimination;
  • recommendations regarding internal and external website optimization;
  • strategy and plan for the project's SEO promotion.

Following the recommendations of SEO experts will help to increase your site’s traffic and conversion, improve behavioral factors and achieve a higher ranking on Google through target keywords.


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Which sites need a comprehensive SEO audit?

New sites require search checkup before starting promotion and in the following cases:

  • moving site to another domain or engine;
  • pages’ poor visibility and attendance;
  • low conversion
  • implementing marketing changes;
  • changing contractor or the need to check the efficiency of the specialist or agency engaged in SEO promotion.

Periodic checks are necessary for any site, even if there are no problems.

How often should we analyze the site?

SEO-diagnostics should be carried out regularly - quarterly or at least once a year. Since the site is changed from time to time, search algorithms are updated, and new competitors appear in the market.

What are the main tasks of a search audit?

The key objectives of SEO audit are to bring the site and individual pages in accordance with the requirements of Google, to prevent falling under the sanctions of the search engine, to occupy high positions in SERP. In addition, the audit allows us to find ways to increase the efficiency of the online platform as a marketing tool and its further development.

How to find out the cost of a website audit?

The cost of SEO audit depends on the following:

  • business niches and resource thematics;
  • competition;
  • promotion geography;
  • pages amount;
  • site status.

You can find out the exact cost of a website audit by discussing your project with a representative of our agency.

How to apply for a SEO audit?

To order a SEO audit, contact the Sprava Agency manager via the website's online chat, Telegram, Viber, or WhatsApp. You can also call us at +38 (067) 653-72-39 or leave a request for a callback using the online form.