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Grow organic traffic by 5 times in 5 months and conversion by 88%


Is there a guaranteed way to increase organic traffic to a cargo transportation company's website by 5 times in less than six months? At Sprava Agency, we have no doubt that this is possible for an experienced team of specialists. Here's the recipe: external and internal optimization + rich snippets and usability improvements can help you take your business to the next level. As part of a competent SEO strategy, such "ingredients" work wonders and help overcome any obstacles to rankings growth.

Let's move from words to actions. Our client, the Canadian Paramount Moving company, set a goal to receive up to 75-85% of organic search requests at the beginning of the season (March - April 2023). From July to December 2022, long before the start of the season, the Sprava Agency team managed to significantly increase clicks and conversions. Here are the details.

Meet the customer 

The head of the Canadian Paramount Moving company contacted us because he is Ukrainian and was eager to support a business from his country of origin. The client's organization has been operating on the market for 5 years using its  website,, and provides moving services to household consumers and commercial clients.

The office is located in the city of Calgary. It provides registered and insured services within the province of Alberta, as well as the surrounding provinces: British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

The company operates in accordance with Canadian standards and has 2 special vehicles for cargo transportation as well as 2 teams of employees, totaling 12 people. The company is currently planning to open an office in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Background and goal setting

As mentioned, our client set an ambitious goal of receiving up to 75-85% of organic search requests at the beginning of the new business season. Before contacting us, the company had already achieved high positions in relevant search rankings and received many positive reviews on Google. The client was engaged in SEO promotion on their own and had already carried out basic optimization on its website, and they managed to reach quite good rankings for certain requests. 

There were two sources of traffic to the website: organic and Google Ads. However, the orders from contextual advertising were not profitable enough. So, it was decided to increase traffic and the number of leads from organic searches before the start of the new season. 

The customer wanted to focus on the following main areas: 

  • ordinary residential moving
  • commercial moving
  • long-distance moving
  • moving for the elderly
  • transportation of bulky items
  • packing services

After the professional website audit, we suggested conducting SEO on an ongoing basis, working on the website's usability, creating new pages with optimized text content, and increasing backlinks. 

What was done as part of the project

We actively worked on basic SEO, improving what had been done before. We faced difficulties in optimizing the main page because other pages were optimized for some queries that were supposed to be on the home page. For example, the keyword "Calgary movers" was also assigned to the Residential Moving Services in Calgary page, and therefore was shifting the balance. Importantly, too, the keyword "Calgary moving company" was more relevant to the home page instead of the Moving Services in Calgary one. 

We have started and are still working to ensure that the main page is ranked at the TOP for all the required queries. In addition, other works were carried out:

  1. Working on the semantic core, we suggested and created 21 new pages. We started promoting new areas, such as Furniture moving services, Appliance moving services, Interprovincial moving service, etc. We expanded (or rather, specified) the geography of transportation by indicating the cities of the province in which the services are provided in the queries: Airdrie, Banff, Black Diamond, Okotoks, Cochrane, Turner Valley and others. For many queries, we have already reached the TOP-5.
Appearance of the snippets after improving them by Sprava
  1. We improved the appearance of the snippets. Now they look like this:
  1. We worked on the visuals and usability. Compare the design of the home page, catalog, and landing pages before and after the work started.

Home: start of work

Home: after improving usability

Appearance of the main page at the beginning of cooperation
Appearance of the main page after improving usability by Sprava specialists

Catalog: start of work

Catalog: after improving usability

Here is how looked the catalog page at the beginning
Here is how looks the catalog page after improving it by Sprava specialists

Landing: start of work

Landing: after improving usability

Landing page before beginning cooperation
Landing page after improving usability by Sprava specialists

What results were achieved

During the 5 months of promotion and active cooperation between Sprava Agency and Paramount Moving, organic traffic grew 5 times, while conversion increased by 88%.

Graphic of the growing organic traffic

This is particularly impressive because it was at a time when the demand for services is usually not high due to their seasonality. The chart below shows that our SEO methods started to work after 1-2 months.

Katya Zubilevich, Account Manager at Sprava Agency:

Paramount Moving’s website promotion was my first foreign project. Despite the fact that the manager was a Canadian Ukrainian, we didn’t only communicate in Ukrainian. However, this wasn’t a problem because we got along great, regardless of the language. English as the language of texts and queries, and a 5-hour time difference between Ukraine and Canada, did not prevent us from finding a common language and achieving good results. In the future, we plan to develop a new direction related to the opening of a subsidiary office. 

Natalia Korsun, SEO specialist at Sprava Agency:

The peculiarity of the project is that the client had already been promoting the site before our involvement. On the one hand, we wanted to improve the optimization, and on the other hand, not lose the rankings already achieved. We offered to work on the home page and expand the list of services, adding at least those offered by competitors.

The most pleasant aspect of cooperation with Paramount Moving was the personal interest of the company's CEO in the development of the website and business in general. Having basic SEO knowledge, the customer did some work on his own, consulting with us. I believe that the good results and dynamic project development are due to the active involvement of the client in the work processes.

As the experience of our cooperation with Paramount Moving shows, SEO is a tool that opens up unlimited opportunities for businesses, helps them find new ways to grow, and saves on advertising. One of the main keys to success is close cooperation between the customer and the contractor. Foreign language, geographical and time differences are not obstacles to achieving the desired result, as proven by the Sprava team. You can check our digital marketing case studies.

If you've decided to develop a company website, are looking for additional opportunities to promote your business, or are going to enter new markets, contact Sprava Agency. After analyzing your project and identifying its strengths and bottlenecks, we will find a solution that will help you reach a new level of development.

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