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Ecommerce SEO services

Increase business profitability and brand development through Google search promotion

Ecommerce SEO services help display website pages at the top of Google search results. More than 90% of users choose a seller on the first page of the search results, meaning they don’t even bother moving to the second.

Ecommerce SEO optimization will help bypass competitors, convert cheap traffic into sales, and save your advertising budget. Powerful marketing tools can bring orders long after the termination of investments.

Ecommerce SEO services

Comprehensive promotion of your online store from Sprava Agency helps make its ranking visible to the target audience, turns visitors into customers, and forms a positive image of your company in the market.

SEO for e-commerce WEBSITE is:

  • definition of e-commerce website promotion goals and measurable KPIs;
  • Site audit - detection of bugs, checking the compliance of the resource with the requirements of the search engine, analysis of usability and commercial factors;
  • Study of business niche, target audience, and competitors;
  • Development of SEO e-commerce website strategy and step-by-step plan;
  • Collecting and clustering the semantic kernel;
  • On-page SEO - filling pages with optimized text and visual content, eliminating technical errors, designing metatags, opening and closing pages for indexing;
  • Off-page SEO - an extension of reference mass;
  • Local SEO promotion;
  • Adaptation of the resource for mobile devices, usability development to increase the convenience of purchasing;
  • Preparation of a detailed report on the work done and the achievement of objectives.
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Online stores typically feature a complex, branched structure. You need to optimize product cards and categories and the store's main page to get to the top ranking. But there are other goals of promotion than just traffic. For good sales and profit, it is necessary to improve usability and add comprehensive, user-friendly information to the pages, answer all their questions, and remove doubts. Only an integrated approach will allow us to move away from competitors, make promotions with short and long tail keywords, and receive conversions.

Moreover, there are entirely different strategies for SEO promotion of online stores that sell clothing, machinery, food, children’s, medical and animal products, and so on. When optimizing websites, Sprava specialists consider all possible factors that help to use marketing tools at total capacity.

Ecommerce Search Engine Optimization

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • The critical goal is the success of your business.
    Not only do we strive to achieve our objectives, but we are also interested in the ultimate result of the promotion - the maximum profitability of the project.
  • Clear pricing
    We always discuss the price for ecommerce search engine optimization at the start of cooperation and fix it in the contract. You do not have to pay extra for certain types of work if they are included in the tariff package, or vice versa, not included in the promotion.
  • White SEO
    When promoting e-commerce websites, we use methods that do not violate the «laws» of search engines. White SEO does not give instant results, but in the long term provides consistent results at the top of Google rankings and a high reputation for the store.
  • Individual strategy
    Experience with different business areas allows us to use ready-made effective solutions. We develop a strategy personally, taking into account many nuances - from the region and the type of goods to the budget and project goals.

What result do you get from ecommerce SEO agency:

SEO is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that focuses on a warm audience interested in a particular product or category.

Complex search engine promotion provides:

  • Increasing the position of the online store in Google search results;
  • growth of organic traffic;
  • expanding the target audience and client base;
  • increasing orders.

Search promotion of an e-commerce website combines with other types of advertisement: Google Ads and targeting, placing goods on price aggregators, content and email marketing.

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How can SEO promotion help the online store?

Increasing positions in organic search results on targeted keywords allows for significant advertising budget savings due to the growth of organic traffic. Placing detailed information about each item reduces the time spent clarifying information and processing requests that do not generate income. People interested in specific products will visit your site, and a friendly interface and USP will be additional motivations to buy.

Moreover, the top-ranked website makes the brand recognizable and increases the target audience's trust. Competent SEO with white methods works for a business long after completing work on promotion.

What determines the cost of ecommerce SEO services?

The price of basic SEO services depends on such factors:

  • Categories and types of the goods;
  • Competitive niche;
  • Region and scale of promotion;
  • Domain age;
  • Initial technical condition and quality of the resource content;
  • SEO goals priorities.

Initial promotion requires the most significant investments. In the future, costs will reduce with positions maintained

What is better for the new online store - SEO or Google Ads?
Launching an advertising campaign in Google Ads will allow you to start your business quickly. However, keep working on SEO, which works for the long term and can constantly bring to the site buyers without unnecessary costs. And you can add Google Ads for seasonal and festive sales in the future.
Is it possible to order e-commerce SEO if the site is in the development stage?
You can order SEO promotion for an online store in Sprava Agency even if you still need an online platform. We will help develop the site, structure, and design from scratch, and in parallel, we will work on SEO. This approach will help you to spend your budget rationally and avoid unnecessary waste of time and money.
When can I evaluate my ecommerce SEO results?

SEO is a long game. One can’t evaluate its effectiveness immediately. The complex promotion takes time, and indexing and ranking pages also do not happen immediately. Traffic and orders generally increase after 4-6 months. Payback depends on demand, range, competition, and price category.

Ordering SEO from us will give you a working strategy and a clearer understanding of promotion prospects. We will offer practical methods for your niche and help increase profit.

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