Boost your business: SEO for real estate agents & investors

real estate seo company
Real estate SEO company to attract real estate buyers and sellers

Internet presence is crucial for the success of real estate agencies, realtors, and developers.

However, just having a site and publishing ads will not help sales if the resource is not visible to potential clients. SEO services for real estate agents and investors provide a continuous and sustainable flow of applications from organic searches in the long term.

The Sprava Agency team knows exactly how to bring your site to the first page of Google search. A competent SEO strategy will help to receive traffic, views, and applications without having to spend on advertising. Thanks to the promotion of the brand, and increasing its awareness, you will gain the trust not only of buyers but also of real estate sellers, which will be a source of income for the agency and realtor.


Real estate SEO services include:

  • Discussion of client’s wishes, determination of real estate SEO services goals
  • SEO website audit services - analysis of niche and competitors, checking for technical errors, site verification for compliance with search engine requirements
  • Development of SEO strategy following the stated objectives
  • Building a step-by-step work plan
  • On-page SEO - optimization of codes, structure, text, and visual content
  • Off-page optimization
  • Website adaptation for mobile devices
  • Working on usability and commercial factors
  • Local SEO, placement of agency information on aggregators
  • Reporting of ranking and conversion
Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic

SEO for real estate company: key promotional features

The characteristic feature of SEO promotion services for real estate companies is focusing on two target audiences at once.

Search queries from both buyers and sellers are taken into account when scraping keywords and developing the structure.

It is difficult to break into the top row of the search engine in a highly competitive niche, where the top positions in Google on short-tail keywords are occupied by large market players and aggregators. Sprava Agency’s SEO specialists and marketers will develop a strategy that will help build up from competitors to help you receive warm leads that are potentially ready to become your clients.

Real estate SEO agency: our advantages

Comprehensive SEO

High-search positions are not the only goal of promotion. We turn sites into tools that allow you to maximally solve the problems of their clients.

Personal manager

Each project is assigned a staff member who answers all your questions and helps to convey your wishes and comments to the direct executors.

No hidden fees

The price of package offers of SEO for real estate agents is fixed. Future costs are specified in terms of objectives and work plans. There is no need for additional payments above the amount specified in the contract.

Additional services

To get the maximum benefit from investments in your SEO package, we can include domain registration, and hosting, site design, and CMS integration that meets the requirements of the search engine.

SEO for real estate website: Discover the results with Sprava agency

SEO is a reliable and profitable promotion channel that has a delayed effect.


The complex measures, including technical optimization, work with content and usability, over time provides:

  • Getting web resources on Google’s first page
  • Traffic volume growth
  • Increasing ad views
  • Increasing requests and deals
  • Attracting sellers offering objects for sale
  • Brand recognition and credibility

Even after the end of the search engine promotion, traffic volume on your website will remain constant.

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
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How can SEO promotion help the real estate agency?

SEO for real estate agents, investors, realtors, and developers - one of the ways to declare yourself on the market, to inform a «warm» audience about the opportunity to order the service from you. Promotion to the TOP-10 is the primary goal of optimization since about 90% of users do not reach the second page of search results.

The correct selection of keywords and phrases will help to attract visitors interested in a specific offer and will save time for communication on non-target requests. Moreover, investing in real estate SEO services allows you to get customers without advertising or with a minimum promotion budget using Google Ads.

How long before SEO for real estate company pays off?

Real estate is an area that is characterized by a high average check. Usually, it’s enough for one sale to cover the costs. One has to wait 4-6 months for the significant growth of traffic and requests. However, keep in mind that advertising alone is not enough for business: quality of communication with the direct client is important. Successful closing of the deal and the amount of remuneration depend on the realtor.

Why is SEO for real estate investors & agents a long game? Is it possible to accelerate the result?

The impossibility of obtaining an instant result is caused by the need to perform a wide range of work. Analysis of niche, target audience and competitors, collection of the semantic core and its clustering, creation of optimized content, and development of the site require considerable time. Additional time is needed for the search engine to see the website, analyze changes, and form its rating and reputation. It takes months. If you want quick sales, combine SEO with Google Ads, and the result will not take long.

What are the chances for a real estate company to get to the top with a website created from scratch?

Despite the high competition in the real estate niche and the presence of consistent leaders in the top Google search results, the new company or specialist still has the opportunity to receive organic traffic. Regional promotion, and real estate characteristics in requests, for example, “smart apartments”, “office and storage rooms”, and “house with design renovation” will help to achieve goals. The strategy is developed individually, taking into account many factors.

Is it necessary to continue doing SEO after completing primary promotion tasks?
Basic SEO will allow a long time after the completion of work to receive traffic to the site. However, given the appearance of new companies on the market and the change of search algorithms, without promotion, the site can lose its position in search results. To maintain positions, optimization must be pursued continuously. Quality SEO support is the key to receiving requests and high positions for a long time.