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Website Design and Development

You do not have to look for a designer, a copywriter with SEO knowledge, a layout designer and a programmer. In the company RIGHT, the site is created by a team of specialists. We develop projects from scratch, and also take on the redesign and development of sites from which you would like more.

You can come to us with your request, we will analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the CMS you have chosen. We will offer a solution that will be optimal. Creation of turnkey websites quickly and efficiently!

First, another or improved - which site do you need?
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Development of a profitable site to order - the shortest way to the goal!

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic

A modern, convenient, fast and technically perfect website is an indispensable tool in organizing and doing business online. We know how to make your site start generating income in a month.

Custom website development is:
  • User experience
    • intuitive site
    • attractive, easy to use
  • Style
    • created by experienced designer
  • Optimization
    • SEO at the site creation stage
We guarantee:
  • That we will hand over the project with high quality and on time.
  • Customer training - you will easily manage the site yourself. 
  • Information about the project at any stage of development is a transparent process. 
  • Information security - the safety of your data and protection from third-party access. 
  • Compliance with trade secrets. 

If in doubt where to order a site? You definitely need to the Sprava!

Website development to order

Stages of working on your site:
Collection and analysis of data.

We will ask about your goals, objectives, plans, take into account all your wishes. The brief will help to think over all the nuances in order to correctly draw up the terms of reference. There are no trifles in development.

Information architecture.
SEO under development.

Making the site convenient for promotion in search engines is still in the process of development. We take into account all the requirements, then you do not have to redo it.

Writing TT(technical task).

The task of the terms of reference is to minimize the difference between the views of the two parties: the customer and the contractor. Your expectations will be realized.

TT approval.

Before starting work, you carefully look to see if everything suits you.


15 full-time specialists are working on the development of sites in the Sprava.


At this stage, we are working on a multi-platform version of a typical site - what should be in the mobile version, what is on the tablet, what is on the desktop.


Modern, stylish, user-friendly. Work with content at the request of the customer.

Work with content at the request of the customer.

Even in the development process, we begin to prepare texts that are optimized for search engines and useful for your future customers.


We check all the functionality of the site.


This is the start. Congratulations, you have started working on the Internet.


At your request, we connect advertising campaigns so that you start selling from the start.

Technical support.

We will show you how to administer the site, give you any advice.


We collect data after the start of work and see if anything needs to be improved.


We finalize the code and functionality, if necessary.

We recommend our own CMS

This is the development of specialists from the Sprava, our pride. We succeeded to create an easy-to-manage, reliable system with a low probability of hacking. It includes maximum compliance with the requirements of search engines, the ability to make a landing page from any page, convenience, adaptation to any device and convenience of functionality. As a result, your mobile site is as fast, convenient and beautiful as it is on the desktop. After all, the speed of a mobile site is very important for promotion.

The main advantage of our CMS is maximum adaptation to the project tasks:

  • site growth. Let's say your project has grown, the range has increased. You will be able to carry out all the changes without the help of a programmer. The content of the site is clear on an intuitive level and does not require additional knowledge.
  • sites on this CMS are much easier to rise in the search.
  • it is possible to adjust the footer and header of the site.
  • landing without a programmer is also easy to make up yourself.
Demo request

Order a website creation service in TM Sprava

We will develop, launch a website, test it, teach you how to use CMS in a personal meeting or on Skype, leave a detailed video instruction.

And if you need a domain, hosting - contact us. We will be able to solve all the problems of launching the site in a complex.

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How much will it cost to order a website?

The price of developing a site in our company is from 13,000 UAH *.

* The total cost depends on the type and complexity of the site.

Is it possible to order the development of a site according to a ready-made template?

Yes, you can. To do this, you will need to provide it in html or psd format. To discuss the details, call us +38(050) 428-70-71 or write to

What are the advantages of creating turnkey websites in Sprava?

We are engaged not only in development, and all the sites that we make are made primarily from the point of view of the user, who will then come to this site and he will need to order something. We approach development from the point of view of further promotion of the site. Of course, if you just need an image site that will be a beautiful business card, then we can help you, but even in this case we will recommend how to make it user-friendly.

How long does it take to develop a custom website?

Obviously, the development time of the landing page and the online store will differ. On average, website development takes from 1 to 3 months, depending on the functionality and design that you want to see at the end.

What is included in the cost of creating a website?

Usually, website development includes the following steps: 

  • discussion of the concept, setting goals and objectives 
  • analysis of the market and competitors (based on this data, we create an idea of ​​the structure of the site) 
  • consultation with SEO specialists 
  • choice of design solutions for implementation 
  • discussion of site structure 
  • discussion of corporate identity (logo design, definition of primary colors) 
  • drawing up terms of reference for a programmer based on a list of requirements 
  • coordination of technical specifications with you 
  • coordination of technical specifications with technical department
  • implementation of the technical task by the programmer
  • filling the site with texts, photos, videos 
  • checking the display of the site on various devices: smartphones, tablets, computer displays 
  • testing feedback forms 
  • payment of the second installment 
  • moving the site to the main domain and granting access 
  • installing and configuring ssl certificate
Our portfolio
Redesign case: new look and functionality of the hotel website

Royal Street is a hotel located in the historical center of Odessa.

The main goals and objectives of the project: update site design and technical revision.

site development period
Case of website development for Speciality Coffee Association

The Specialty Coffee Association is a non-profit membership organization representing thousands of coffee professionals, from producers to baristas, from around the world.

site development period
Case study on the development of a catalog site for BTU-CENTER, a manufacturer of biological products

BTU-CENTER is a company that manufactures and sells microbial and enzyme preparations for agriculture.

site development period
Website development for a producer of plant fertilizers

The Healthy Land company develops and sells self-produced fertilizers and bio-additives for plants.

site development period
Website development for entrance doors online store

1001 Doors is a wholesale and retail company selling doors.

site development period
Development project for the TermOles wood studio

Development and promotion of the website to attract potential customers and increase sales.

site development period
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