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Digital marketing for IT companies

SEO promotion of IT projects - an effective way to bring your business to a new level

The IT industry is a competitive niche with a high cost per lead, so some business owners question the return on investment of SEO in the short term. On the other hand, only high-quality optimization and a powerful content component will allow your site to occupy leading positions in Google rankings and attract the attention of users. Competent application of digital marketing tools increases brand awareness, transforms your site into a source of orders, and increases ROI.

Sprava Agency is a company with more than 20 years of experience in promoting businesses online. We will create an effective digital marketing strategy for your IT company, which will help not only to generate traffic and positions but also significantly expand your «warm» audience, potentially interested in your product.

Marketing for IT company consists from:

  • A complex audit
  • In-depth analysis of niche, competitors, and target audience 
  • Setting goals and measurable KPI
  • Search requests analysis and clustering
  • Internal optimization
  • Link-building
  • Usability improvement, adding effective CTA buttons
  • Working on site structure
  • Filling with expert text content
  • Control over user behavior on the site
  • Promotion of priority pages to improve the profitability of the project

Digital marketing for IT - effective solution for your business

We at Sprava approach our strategy comprehensively and know that the success of IT companies' promotion on the internet is measured by the number of incoming applications and sales. And to do this, it is important that the site not only complies with Google’s algorithms but also interests the user. Potential clients of an IT company are technically savvy people who carefully evaluate the site - the «business card» of their future contractor. Design, content, USP, and many other factors can influence decision-making.

We rely on high-quality internal and external optimization, strong niche content, and perfecting the site usability. We know exactly how to transform digital marketing for IT, and the result will be an increase in sales and a high return on investment.

Why choose us:
Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • For 20 years, we have brought more than 500 company websites to the top from Europe and Ukraine, and can demonstrate this in real cases.
  • In the first stage of cooperation, we analyze the marketing efficiency of your site and find points of growth. 
  • We perform turnkey work. If your project is in the development phase, we will help design a new site that meets the requirements of search engines.
  • We track trends in SEO for IT companies. We adopt the best ideas for the promotion of product, outsourcing, and consulting companies.
  • Sprava Agency is a team of strong players. Not only SEO specialists will work on your project, but also other professionals in the industry of digital marketing.
  • We provide direct and quick communication. Sprava account managers are not just a link between customers and contractors, but they are also specialists with a sufficient technical base, who are immersed in the project and supervise the implementation of KPIs.

What results do you get:

  • Most importantly - sales and online applications through your site.
  • An effective strategy for your niche. Your brand enters the TOP and becomes more recognizable, which has a positive impact on its positioning and reputation.
  • Site with a well-thought-out structure, able to answer clients’ questions and form a trusting relationship with the company.
  • High positions on the main search queries, leading to the target traffic increase. Your site is visited not by random people, but by potential customers who are looking for your services or products on Google.
  • Increasing the number and quality of conversions. We know how to improve the behavioral factors on your site and use all methods to solve your business problems.
  • ROI growth. SEO reduces the cost per lead and increases the return on investment in marketing.
  • Access to analytics services, and transparent reporting on positions and conversions.
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How can SEO promotion help IT companies?

The potential client of the IT company, who is looking for a product or service, first of all, addresses search engines. Therefore, to get targeted traffic, the site must be highly ranked on Google for the required requests. And it’s worth taking advantage of if you need sales and long-term results.

However, SEO promotion for IT at Sprava Agency is not only about increasing traffic and positions. We will make a full check-up, eliminate technical bugs, expand the structure, build a competent reference strategy and carry out qualitative internal optimization. The site will become «visible», informative, and convenient for customers, which will improve your reputation on Google and allow you to bypass competitors

When can I evaluate my first SEO promotion results for IT companies?

SEO is a long process, especially if we are talking about such a complex highly competitive niche as IT. Search engines have tightened algorithms of assessment of sites of such companies, so we in SPRAVA depart from templates and apply an individual approach. The first results in the form of increased traffic and conversions can be seen in about six months of cooperation. 

SEO optimization for IT is a long-term investment that continues to work for you even with decreasing promotion budgets. However, we do not advise stopping work completely: as Google’s trends and algorithms change, new competitors appear, and the design gets banally outdated, without SEO maintenance, the site may leave the TOP. And our task is to prevent this;)

Should I launch contextual advertising for IT services?

Certainly yes, if you want to get a quick transition to the site, popularize your brand, focus on a specific product or announce a discount. This tool guarantees instant traffic flow and allows you to evaluate the conversion of requests used. 

To achieve the best results, we recommend combining promotion in Google Ads with SEO. In the future, it will be possible to reduce the budget for contextual advertising and get the lion’s share of traffic from organic searches.

What services does Sprava Agency offer?

We offer several service packages and help you to choose the one that will work most efficiently and with more return. The basic package with primary SEO optimization services includes:

  • niche analysis and current site audit;
  • goals to improve usability;
  • filling with content;
  • adding analytics services;
  • technical work on external and internal optimization.

If you do not already have a website, we will design it taking into account Google algorithms, competitor analysis, target audience needs, and search demand. In case you are already engaged in SEO-site promotion, but it does not bring the expected results, we will point out the errors and help to fix the situation.

How to order SEO support in Sprava Agency?

Reach out via contacts mentioned on our website and tell us about the features of your project. SPRAVA specialists will promptly answer your questions, conduct an audit and propose effective methods of promotion.

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