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Search Engine Optimization

Full cycle of high-quality SEO

Why do businesses need these services? To earn more. Customers call such services differently: “website promotion”, “Search Engine Optimization Services”. As a result of promotion, your site will become popular in its niche, a stream of potential customers (warm traffic) will go to its pages, and, accordingly, sales (and your profit) will increase.

No magic - just our painstaking joint work on the site.

  • Site analysis;
  • The wish of the customer;
  • Selection of keywords;
  • Content;
  • Optimization;
  • SEO recommendations;
  • Link building;
  • Reporting
SEO from Sprava professional SEO agency - is to attract the maximum number of customers to your site.

Sprava focuses on the development of your resource, its user-friendliness, taking into account the recommendations of search engines

So what is included in our promotion services:

We practice an integrated approach to the customer and perform all types of work: from creating a website and posting information in our own thematic directories to promoting websites in search engines, maintaining contextual advertising and supporting communities in social media.

SPRAVA is a professional SEO company

Why choose us?
Niche analysis

need to understand the picture of what is happening before you start moving


we will study your web resource and find weaknesses. It's like getting your car serviced before a long trip. First check-up, fix it, then we go

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
Search promotion

а set of works depending on the goals of your business:

  • Analysis of competitor sites to develop a promotion strategy;
  • selection of keywords;
  • usability analysis and implementation of recommendations;
  • analysis of current content and its refinement;
  • monitoring the behavior of visitors on the site;
  • work on external factors of website promotion;
  • KPI control using web analytics systems (Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrica).
Filling the site with content

we create texts that best meet the needs of users; we optimize the content - your site will be ranked as high as possible by search engines.

Creating a website that appeals to search engines:

SEO at the stage of creating website. Contact us!

If you encounter difficulties in promotion, then we:

remove the sanctions of search engines; we will understand the reasons for the decline in search traffic and correct the situation.

We are real experts in promoting websites and companies in the following business areas:
  • Hotels
  • Sale and rental property
  • Tourism
  • E-commerce
  • Agricultural companies (sale of seeds, agricultural products)
  • Medical services
  • Furniture
  • Construction Materials
  • Construction services
  • Restaurants (and restaurant equipment for sale)

For 20 years of work in the promotion market, the company Sprava has brought to the leading positions in search engines more than 500 companies.

SEO marketing company

How we do it: Case studies

How contextual advertising helps SEO?

If the customer needs sales already yesterday, we offer, in addition to website promotion and optimization services, to connect contextual advertising immediately.

If a lot of visitors come to your site from ads, this improves behavioral factors, and this is useful for SEO.

Contextual advertising helps

  • increase demand for seasonal goods
  • hold a promotion or inform about discounts
  • sell the stale remnants of the goods from the warehouse
  • convey to the buyer a unique trade offer

SEO is the foundation of your business. Contextual advertising is the fuel for active sales.

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SPRAVA SEO packages

  • usability optimization work
  • filling the site with content
  • technical work with the site
  • connecting analytics, setting up and detailed reporting
from 6000 UAH Order
  • usability optimization work
  • analytics connection
  • filling the site with content
  • site technical work
  • contextual advertising
  • analytics connection, configuration and detailed reporting
from 7000 UAH Order
Sales +
  • usability optimization work
  • filling the site with content
  • site technical work
  • contextual advertising
  • call-tracking connection (call tracking)
  • analytics connection, configuration and detailed reporting
Ideal for promoting online stores and large companies with a many number of services
from 10000 UAH Order
sites with seasonal goods, hotels
  • work with optimization (internal and external)
  • work on usability
  • Filling content
  • site technical work
  • analytics connection, configuration and detailed reporting
  • In the season (maximum budget), we additionally launch a context with a minimum replenishment budget
The rest of the time (minimum budget) we perform the minimum number of tasks to maintain the position of the site.
from 7000 UAH Order
What Our Clients Are Saying
Is it possible to do an SEO-audit first?

If you have already been promoted or doubt the effectiveness of the current work with your site, then this option is exactly for you. We do seo-audits and make them as detailed as possible. Many could face audits consisting of beautiful graphs, but what to do and where to implement it was not at all clear. Our audits are not just a run through the services, it is the most detailed file with the analysis performed by an SEO specialist. Most of the information in this file can be immediately given for implementation. If you're interested, we can do that for you too.

What is the price of website promotion?

We do not have a fixed cost, because the budget of each project consists of many factors. What is the geography of your sales? What are the priority areas? Where do we start: how much content is there on the site, how high-quality is it, how convenient is the site, etc.? The minimum package is from 6000 UAH. If you are interested, send us a request and we will calculate the budget individually for you.

Which is better: Contextual advertising or SEO?

We often answer for this question. If you need sales right now, contextual advertising will help you achieve this, because you will receive the first transitions to the site immediately after the campaigns are activated. We always recommend connecting contextual advertising at the beginning of the work on the site to get traffic from organic search. Gradually, organic content becomes the main source of traffic and hits, which allows you to significantly reduce budgets for contextual advertising.

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