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Promotion of the medical center in Ivano-Frankivsk


Introduction: The customer turned to us in order to increase the number of hits from the site, while he also understood that the site needed to be finalized.

  1. Work period: November 2014 - to date
  2. Start of work data:

CMS of the site and its technical condition: the site was located on the old administrative panel, did not have a modern and adaptive design.

Semantic core: 41 queries were contained in SC.

Landing pages: The site structure has 21 landing pages. But only one page functioned - the main one.

Promotion language: Ukrainian

Promotion region: Ivano-Frankivsk.

Main search query: according to the query "medical center Ivano-Frankivsk" the site ranked 27th position in Google

  • traffic per month: 410 (73.5% from organic search);
  • traffic by devices: 68.8% - PC users, 21.9% - smartphones and 9.28% - the share of tablets;
  • bounce rate according to the metric was 9.8%;
  1. What actions have been taken (list)
  • engineering works: 
  • usability checklists revisions; 
  • improvements based on the analysis of user behavior on the site; 
  • new site development;
  • SEO work: 
  • new semantic core development; 
  • search queries clustering; 
  • >20 landing pages created and filled with content;
  • 4 new directions added to the promotion;
  • internal optimization: meta-tags and headings were added, texts and inner links were optimized, bugs 3XX, 4XX, 5XX and duplicates were fixed.


  • contextual advertising installation;
  • contextual advertising in social networks (which the customer conducts independently);
  • the semantic core of the project is reviewed two or three times a year;
  • on average, 20-50 queries added per year (new and expansion of current clusters); 
  • 8-12 destinations are added to the promotion;
  • usability work is carried out every six months;
  • new solutions implementation every 2 months

IMPORTANT! The customer provides full cooperation in all work on the project.

  1. Results (statistics)

Search engine failures:

Screenshot was made in November 2019

  • Traffic growth: visitors - 9602, of which conversions from search engines - 42.9% (4119 visitors compared to 410 visitors in November 2014)
  • Increase number of users from mobile devices: 82.2% clicks from smartphones, 16.3% clicks from tablets
  • Bounces: from search engines remained at the level of 10%
  • The number of queries in the semantic core has been expanded:210
  • Positions achieved: TOP 1 in organic search results for the main query “medical center Ivano-Frankivsk”

Since 2017, the number of requests has been consistently high and continues to grow:

As a result, the client opened another branch of Med-Atlant LDK in Ivano-Frankivsk in December 2019.

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