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Goals and objectives

Which faced the project.

The previous site was developed by the customer on the Bitrix24 cloud system, had limited editing capabilities, which caused a lot of difficulties in building the structure of landing pages. During SEO optimization, we faced a lot of issues with the operation of the domain, connection of scripts to the site etc.. These issues stopped us from further improvement of the website and was decided to develop a new one.

The new website solved all the issues at once:
  • whole control to the website
  • the ability to edit content, including blocks on pages
  • updated and modern design taking into consideration UX/UI
  • flexibility for improvements

At the same time, we needed to maintain the current position of the site so that sales would recover faster. The site is the only source of orders for this business.

We started by developing the layout of the main page. We took a ready-made design, finalized it according to the requirements of the client and connected it to the new admin panel. Most of the time was taken by the transfer of content with optimization from the current site to the new one.

The result is a flexible sales tool for improvements.

Now we are promoting this site and after the change of the admin panel, within the first month of operation, the site has grown in positions more than it was before development.

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