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SEO website design services

Optimisation before project launch for a quick start to your promotion

SEO at the website development stage is a strategic step that allows you to prepare your web resource for search promotion and full implementation of business tasks. Optimization at the development phase and launch of a ready-made site that meets the requirements of Google allows you to immediately receive targeted traffic without wasting resources on basic SEO and making changes to the structure and usability.

At Sprava, you can order SEO from scratch with technical advice on the development of the resource or a comprehensive site creation service with search engine promotion.

What is included in SEO of a new website

SEO when developing a web resource implies two areas of work:

Development according to basic requirements for technical optimization

  • generating SEO-friendly URL
  • optimizing page loading speed
  • organization of the header structure (h1, h2, h3, etc.)
  • hreflang to distinguish language versions
  • site map settings .xml and robots.txt file with closing some pages from indexing
  • layout adaptability and control of its compliance with modern standards
  • control of presence of commercial components on the site - USP, contacts, call-to-action buttons

Complex optimization with SEO-specialist

  • niche, target audience and competitor research
  • semantic core scraping
  • keyword clustering and creation of site structure
  • recommendations on page structure and functional clusters
  • preparation of specifications for creation and placement of optimized content
  • connection and correct configuration of analytics systems - Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager
  • development of recommendations for external SEO, building link juice

SEO website design services

Almost 90% of web projects are actually developed without preparation for further promotion. As a result, clients lose profit opportunities and waste time and money on improvements. 

SEO website design services allow your resource to initially be friendly to the search engine and target audience, which is already interested in the goods or services your company provides. This approach allows for the maximization of the potential of the site as a marketing tool and avoids unreasonable costs.

Why you should trust us SEO-promotion of the new site from scratch

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • Experience in different niches - more than 20 years
    Taking into account the peculiarities of the business and the target audience, we consider in detail the process of interaction of the user with the resource. We have successful cases in the promotion of sites for various business spheres. Our goal is not only the high position of your site in SERP but also your sales.
  • Comprehensive approach
    We pay attention to details that will help the site get to the top and attract conversion traffic. In addition to providing basic services, we help to choose a domain and hosting and connect CMS, which meets the requirements of the search engine. We participate in the design of pages, overall design, and layout.
  • Fair pricing policy
    We offer a range of services based on the client’s budget. We agree on the cost of the work before signing the contract. The price does not change during the entire period of cooperation.
  • SEO audit
    Before starting the project, we carry out an audit, which allows you to verify the implementation of the SEO specialist's recommendations and correct errors in time.

What optimization gives when creating a site

By ordering SEO in the development phase from Sprava agency, you will receive the site:

  • with an optimal structure that is correlated with real user experience;
  • compliant with the technical requirements of the Google search engine and fully prepared for promotion;
  • capable of solving the problems of your business.

Choosing SEO before launching a resource helps:

  • save time and budget when ordering primary SEO;
  • prevent errors that hinder the website promotion in organic search results;
  • avoid losing traffic from already existing but not optimized categories.

SEO from scratch contributes to the fastest possible promotion of the resource to the top and ROI, accordingly.

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How does SEO differ from basic optimization in the development phase?
When creating a site, SEO allows you to consider the search engine's requirements and user experience even before its launch. Primary (basic) SEO includes the detection and elimination of errors that were made in the development and hindered the website promotion to the top and sales and brand development.
What determines the volume and SEO website design services cost?

The scope of work and the price are calculated individually and depend on factors such as:

  • niche competition,
  • site status,
  • client’s additional requirements and wishes.
What are the advantages of SEO optimization at the development stage?
SEO before launching the resource allows you to avoid unnecessary stages of work and additional costs. Moreover, new optimized sites are indexed by search robots better than changes on existing sites. Ranking grows faster, and you can get results more quickly. SEO in the development phase is a solid foundation for the project's further development.
Do I need to audit a site optimized from scratch?

An SEO audit is mandatory to receive organic traffic and orders from the site. Unlike basic SEO, the examination is not performed before the beginning of the work to identify errors. We do it after the completion of the development - to monitor compliance with the SEO specialist’s recommendations.

How much is the comprehensive site development service + SEO?

The optimization price can be included in the resource creation service. To determine the exact amount and discuss the work on your project in detail, contact the Sprava Agency Manager at +38 (067) 653-72-39 or leave a request for a return call via the online form on our website.

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