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Full cycle of quality SEO for the landing page

SEO Promotion for brand building and sales growth

A landing page that consists of a small number of pages is a kind of presentation of the company or private specialist on the Internet. Such web resources work primarily on company image and brand awareness, and expansion of a loyal audience. At the same time, it is not enough to just develop a concise site with a memorable design if you want to reach the TOP 10 of Google on targeted keywords. Complex promotion is crucial for business website visibility to potential clients.

SEO promotion of a landing page by Sprava Agency will help to take a leading position in the organic search results on Google. As an optimized resource with high-quality content, your landing page will not only provide useful information for customers but also allow for increasing sales.

SEO for landing pages includes:
  • Discussing project goals, setting promotion objectives, and defining KPIs to evaluate the results of work
  • Business niche, target audience, and competitors analysis
  • Technical audit of the existing site
  • Collecting and clustering the semantic core
  • Resource structure development or adjustment
  • Creation of optimized content
  • On-page and off-page optimization
  • Improving usability, mobile version development, and working on commercial ranking factors
  • Registration in thematic catalogs and regional directories
  • Reporting on the work and results
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The main problem of landing page promotion is the small number of pages and limited opportunities for getting ranked on Google. As such, it is important to build the right SEO strategy to beat the competition. Expansion of the semantic core, metatag optimization, usage of the mid-tail and long-tail keywords, and georeferencing are the methods that give excellent results.

Sprava Agency’s SEO specialists and marketers know what specific steps should be taken to ensure continuous traffic to and orders from your website. Search promotion has a long-term impact and allows you to attract a loyal target audience without unnecessary costs for advertising.

Why choose us:
Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
  • Experience in different niches
    We have been doing SEO promotion for more than 20 years. We have helped secure a leading position in SERP for more than 20 companies in HoReCa, medicine, tourism, construction, real estate, etc.
  • Complex services
    In addition to SEO, we offer domain registration and hosting of the site, and provide CMS, which meets the requirements of search engines. Our services include UX design, web development, and Google Ads.
  • White SEO
    Promotion of landing pages is carried out only by «white» methods that do not contradict the rules of Google. This approach does not give instant results, but works perfectly on the website’s reputation and allows you to get free traffic long after the completion of work.
  • Payment for the result
    When ordering SEO from us, customers pay for the work that is necessary to achieve their goals. We do not impose useless services, but instead are responsible for the execution of all KPIs, and measure the efficiency of promotion not only by traffic but also by conversion.
What result do you get:

An individually developed strategy that takes into account the business category, its competitiveness, and the region of promotion, which are all reliable tools for the promotion of private specialists or companies. On-page and off-page optimization will provide traffic flow and increase audience loyalty to the brand.

Basic SEO site promotion:

  • Makes the resource visible to users

  • Shows offer to customers who are interested in the product

  • Raises SERP ranking by targeted requests

Works on usability, commercial and behavioral factors enable visitors to become customers.

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How SEO promotion of a landing page can help the business?

Search engine optimization - a set of measures aimed at presenting the company on the Internet, attracting potential customers, partners or investors. The growth of positions in the Google ranking directly affects brand recognition and organic traffic volume. In other words, your site will be visited by people who are interested in a particular product and are looking for it online.

Quality content, showcasing business advantages, and convenient application form stimulate the audience to make a faster choice in favor of the proposed product or service. The result of such complex work will be an increase in conversion, and therefore - an increase in profits.

In which cases landing page promotion will be most effective?

We recommend ordering SEO for landing pages in such cases:

  • the product has a long shelf life, and the provision of services does not imply time limits;
  • users are looking for a product online regardless of season;
  • the business niche is new or not too competitive.

The first results of SEO promotion can be evaluated in a few months. If you want to get results quickly, we advise you to additionally use contextual and targeted advertising.

Does it make sense to promote a site with 1-3 pages?
If offers are relevant all the time, SEO promotion is necessary. You only need to choose the right search queries. To use as many keywords as possible, we suggest creating additional pages. The more you have, the better your chances of getting to the top.
Is it advisable to simultaneously engage in SEO and website development?

Yes, and this option in terms of ROI is more profitable than the promotion of an already working resource. The creation of structure based on the grouping of keywords, thoughtful usability, publication of optimized content, and elimination of technical errors allows for saving time and money for editing and correction.

Of course, new resources do not immediately appear in Google’s search results. It takes 1-3 months for a system to scan the domain, define a project category, and evaluate the content and technical parameters. If the website development takes into account the criteria of evaluation of the search engine, the site can get ranked quickly.

Is it possible to promote the site in Google’s organic search results by yourself?
You can, but you have to learn the principles of SEO, and it will take a long time. The promotion of a website with a small number of pages is complicated by the limitations of keywords and phrases, due to which you can get to the top. The result of self-optimization is not guaranteed. SEO professionals immediately offer the most effective ways to promote. So do not spend time on experiments, it is better to reach out to professionals right away and focus on the development of your business.
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