Hotel SEO services: your pathway to online success

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Hotel SEO services for profitable positioning and attracting year-round tourists

For a successful business in the tourism industry, promoting a hotel or guest house should include more than just placing offers on booking services and launching advertising in the high season.

SEO for the hotel website will solve the problem of lost profits and help to make money in this sphere, even in the off-season.

SEO specialists at Sprava Agency know how to attract visitors from organic search and turn them into clients. Using our own experience in promoting hospitality industry projects, we will create a strategy that will ensure continuous conversion traffic and minimize advertising costs.


Dive into success: unveiling SEO for hotels and guest houses

  • Project discussion, goal setting, and KPI definition to assess the effectiveness of SEO for your hotel
  • Website audit
  • Niche, competition, and target audience research
  • Development of a promotion strategy
  • Semantic core collection and clustering, web resource structure formation
  • Technical optimization aimed at improving the interaction of site pages with search engine robots, ensuring fast and complete indexing
  • Filling the resource with optimized content
  • Registration in thematic directories, Google Maps account creation
  • Off-page SEO - backlinking
  • Working with usability and commercial ranking factors
  • Reporting on the work, ranking, and conversion
Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
Consistent SEO brings consistent results

In order to maximize the potential of the site, Hotel Search Engine Optimization should be tied to the business concept and conducted as part of an overall promotion strategy.

Our goal is not only to improve visibility and move website pages to Google’s top ranking but also to increase interest in the hotel from the target audience and, accordingly, sales growth.

The team at the Sprava digital marketing agency understands the difference between promoting a luxury hotel at the seaside and a small hostel. Based on the analysis of the target audience's needs, we will develop a practical information concept, highlight the advantages of each service, make the necessary design changes and use all the tools that will allow you to receive bookings from the website all year round.

SEO services for hotels in SPRAVA agency

Individual approach

When working on hotel site promotion, we consider many factors: region, seasonality, and price segment. Proper formation of USP and the use of mid- and long-tail keywords allow increasing sales even in highly competitive conditions.

Expanding the target audience

SEO services for hotels are not limited to the popularization of standard offers. To extend the conversion funnel, we use additional keywords regarding, for example, the opportunity to relax with children or celebrate a birthday at the hotel.

Fixed price

Hotel Search Engine Optimization cost depends on the initial state of the resource and the scope of work. We discuss the price at the start, fix it in the contract, and stick to it throughout the entire period of cooperation.

Additional services to improve SEO efficiency

In addition to SEO, we can do domain registration, website development and adaptation to mobile devices, connect CMS, fully meet the requirements of search engines, and run campaigns in Google Ads.

Boost your success with SEO: Hospitality Industry

Our agency has been engaged in business promotion on the internet for more than 20 years and has numerous successful cases on SEO promotion of hotel and guest house sites.


Ordering a comprehensive SEO will ensure:

  • Visibility of the hotel offers to «warm» audience
  • Growth of organic traffic to the site
  • Increase in sales
  • Increasing brand awareness
  • Market expansion

When ordering SEO promotion services, you should understand that this promotion channel takes time to bring results. However, once active, visitors will come to your site from organic search for a long time. To maintain a leadership position in the ranking, you’ll need SEO support in the future, which is much cheaper than the initial promotion.

Find Out Exactly How To Outrank Your Competition and Increase Website Traffic
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How can SEO promotion help the hotel website?

Promoting the hotel in Google helps service pages get into top-ranking SERPs. According to statistics, about 90% of transitions are made from the first page of the search engine. Proposals in lower positions often go unnoticed.

Attracting traffic from organic search saves money on advertising. The qualitative development of the semantic core expands the target audience and opens up additional business opportunities. Finding a website in Google’s top ranking inspires trust and increases the loyalty of potential customers.

Do I need a SEO for hotel that is actively and successfully promoted on social networks?

Social networks give excellent results with a well-optimized site, not vice versa. An interested audience from Instagram or Facebook searches for detailed information on the site. Our agency's experience shows that the main traffic comes from organic Google search. That is why the site must be as high as possible in the search results by keywords, and SEO will help you.

What SEO trends should you consider when promoting the hotel online?
The promotion is becoming more segmented, so it is crucial to consider the interests of each target audience. For example, a business tourist may be interested in the presence of a conference hall, young parents - children’s animation, and a youth audience - disco and pool bar. Creating landing pages for each request instead of simply listing the services will push the user to the target action and reduce the bounce rate. And strong content, answering questions of future guests, and modern adaptive design will only strengthen the positive effect of visiting your site.
What is better for the new hotel site: SEO or Google Ads?

Both tools are effective. If you intend to receive requests immediately, choose Google Ads. SEO is a long-term work, but this tool is indispensable if you want the business to work at total capacity. While working on it, do not refuse to place offers on booking services: multichannel promotion is a big plus for business.

How to start SEO services for hotels?

First of all, decide on the priority goals of the promotion and approximately calculate the budget you are ready to allocate for promotion. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the Sprava Agency Manager via phone, messenger, live chat, or call back to discuss the project. We are always ready to answer your questions and offer the best option for further cooperation.