How you can achieve high results on a website with an outdated CRM using only SEO

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Project restrictions
01 The work of the site on the old admin panel, which did not allow the implementation of all ideas.
02 The site has been developed for a long time and does not match modern usability requirements. Even elementary things, in the form of a phone, which should be located on the right side of the first screen or a CTA button (call to action), which should differ in color from the general color scheme of the site, cannot be implemented.
03 The client does not agree on changes, even those that can be physically implemented, including in terms of usability on the site. The main reason is that he already receives traffic and orders and does not consider it necessary to redo something, and even arguments for a high bounce rate (leaving the site) do not affect the decision.
Data at the beginning of the project

This case is interesting for those who are looking for an SEO contractor for a long-term collaboration. Because we describe here the results of cooperation for 7 years. We can say that for all 7 years we have been helping to grow the business. The promotion strategy was being changed with the growth of the company. There is no huge increase in traffic.There is only a fact that our client has been busy with work for all 7 years. He has opened new areas of activity and the customer's business has doubled. Let's talk about it.

Attendance: 423 visitors per month. Main source of traffic: 38% direct visits, and 38% referrals from search engines. More than 80% of traffic to the site is from a PC.

How we maintained the work of the old site and promoted it

We decided to first fix the usability of the site as much as possible.

Since it is impossible to generate traffic to an unprepared site, this leads to an increase in the percentage of the bounce rate, to poor behavioral characteristics on the site.

This is how the site looks like now.

For the website with such an ancient admin panel

This is the most attractive view

Technical work:
  • improvements on usability checklists;
  • improvements based on the analysis of user behavior on the site
SEO work:
  • developed a detailed semantic core;
  • clustered search queries.
  • created 23 landing pages
The content plan was developed by the client himself, based on the services and segmentation of the target audience. Each segment of the target audience can go to the landing page it needs and read all the necessary information.
A task for a copywriter, text optimization is done by SEO specialists from SPRAVA

Each text in the “news” and “articles” sections was written by the client himself, but since 2019 he has stopped providing texts.

The client was very involved in content creation because the niche is very specific and narrow. But this is a big plus because in a narrow niche with low competition, it is easier to promote a local business.


423 visitors per month
38% of clicks from search engines
54.2% bounce rate


11 732 visitors per month
94,5% clicks from search engines
16.5% bounce rate, because of targeted traffic

As of February 2019 and up to now, the site is in the top 1 for the main query “ medical laboratory equipment ”


Now the client is betting that the niche is low-competitive, so what has already been done is more than enough.

However, today the niche is low-competitive in search, and tomorrow many other companies will see that it is profitable and will also decide to switch from offline to online. The website that seemed both technically and visually appropriate 2 years ago in this case is in danger of falling down sharply, because the new sites will already be more modern. And there will come a time when making a button of a different color will not work and our client will need to make the entire site from scratch on a different admin panel. And as practice shows, such a situation overtakes at the most inopportune time, and the cost of corrections will be large, so why not just listen to specialists who have already seen many such situations and know how to get out of the water dry.

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