Sell an expensive hotel all year round: the case of the Panorama de luxe hotel

Panorama Deluxe

Initial data and customer tasks

This case is interesting primarily for its approach to solving the customer's problem: there are simply no super-cool results that you are used to seeing in case titles.

But they book an expensive hotel even in the off-season. We will talk about ordinary routine work and extraordinary marketing solutions.

The case will certainly be of interest to owners of resort hotels.

Customer: owner of the Panorama de luxe hotel. He came to our company with a site that had a minimum of information in March 2019.

Site: New, but with poor text content. Basically, all the pages of the site were like this: a header with a large photo and a paragraph of text. That's all.

For search queries:
  • the best hotel in odessa - the site was on 29th place
  • hotel in odessa 5 stars - on the 26th place

The hotel was visible on Google maps, but before finding it, you had to scroll through many other varieties of Odesa`s hotels.

Promotion geography: Ukraine, the main focus on Kyiv and Odesa.

The task of promotion: the most common in the recreation and tourism niche. The client wanted to sell less with Booking and more with the hotel website. It was necessary to attract potential guests to the hotel from Google organic search.

Promotion Niche: Extremely competitive.

Hotel Features: This is a five-star hotel. The name "Panorama de luxe" reflects the main feature: almost all windows of the hotel offer a sea panorama. Therefore, the price tag is higher than the average in Odessa. In other words, it's expensive.

Location: quiet city center, not overcrowded with tourists.

Five-star hotel promotion Concept

The advertising campaigns are emphasized "rest with a view, for those who yearn for more"

Positioning was that 5 stars in "Panorama de luxe" are felt everywhere: in service, and in comfort, and in food, and in locations.

Hotel infrastructure:
  • a large outdoor pool overlooking the sea (it is a rarity in Odessa and definitely an advantage), a children's pool;
  • a 24/7 restaurant that works not only for hotel guests;
  • a SPA zone (two saunas and a font);
  • a conference hall;
  • a large terrace on the roof.

Difficulty in project promotion: we did not start website optimization from scratch, we reworked it. And this is always a more time-consuming process, and therefore it takes longer to get the results.


We immediately realized that Panorama de luxe has everything for holding special events. The hotel is perfect for weddings, birthdays, christenings and children's birthdays. Firstly, the hotel has a view of the sea. Secondly, there are very beautiful areas with a swimming pool. Thirdly, there is a roof terrace for events.

To sell the hotel for events, we made a landing page with a description of such a service. We tried to make the text as emotional and detailed as possible, listing all the advantages of celebrating solemn events at the hotel. They said that there is a decor for festive halls, we can help with an individual menu, there is a platform from where you can watch a beautiful sunset over the sea. For those who will celebrate the wedding at the hotel, an exclusive room was offered as a gift (with a view, one per floor and luxuriously furnished).

Rest with children

At the same time, we worked on hotel promotion according to standard requests.

Since the price tag is above average, we decided to focus on holidays with children because there is a swimming pool. The hotel is very well located in the city center, but there are no restaurants, clubs nearby, calm, quiet, the location is ideal for families. The restaurant has a children's menu, high chairs.

Off season

Weddings are celebrated mainly in the warm season. Birthdays are also less frequent in winter, because it is a bit cold on the open terrace, where it is best to celebrate with a large company. The hotel was empty during the off-season.

We created a page "Winter holidays in Odessa". We painted what you can do in Odessa in winter, the advantages of winter holidays: quiet, calm, no crowds, it’s nice to walk, you can live in the center in a luxury hotel at a normal price. This page had an effect, for all queries related to winter holidays in Odessa, it entered the top 3. The bounce rate from this page is rather big, some people leave, but nevertheless the page works.

Special offers

Weddings are celebrated mainly in the warm season. Birthdays are also less frequent in winter, because it is a bit cold on the open terrace, where it is best to celebrate with a large company. The hotel was empty during the off-season.

We improved the block of special offers. Each promotion that appeared in the hotel was described in great detail, a photo gallery was added. We tried to ensure that the site is fully consistent with the hotel, its concept of luxury recreation.

We constantly monitor competitors. These are Nemo Hotel and M1. Before launching a promotion, we always look at what they offer and try to add various nice bonuses to the promotion. We always try to make Panorama de luxe promotions cheaper. For example, if there is a package "Take two nights and the third as a gift", you can give more bonuses: early check-in, late check-out, or dinner as a gift. Our task is always to stand out from the background of competitors, to win.

The hotel is moving forward in Ukraine. There are two language versions.


What do we do as part of website promotion

  • additional targeted activities were agreed (events, holidays with children, holidays in the off-season, business trips).
  • facts and features of clusters with which you can attract the target audience in the off-season
  • formed the semantic core
  • tried to work on the usability of the site
  • subsequent landings and texts written for them (10 pages);
  • made a content plan for current and new pages
  • experimental work on an alternative site
  • completed maps of maps in Google.com.ua
  • offered a job to quickly load the main and landing pages
  • made an audit of all the missing content on the site, collected a list, updated the site information to fully answer customer questions
  • added Ukrainian version to Russian and English versions


A total of 97 medium and high frequency search queries, 45% of them are in the TOP-10.


The geography of visits has also expanded due to the optimization of the English and Ukrainian language versions.

Systematic work on a certain strategy always leads to success. Previously, the customer believed that the most important thing for the hotel was to maintain social networks and provide targeted advertising. But measurements have shown that this is not so. Social networks should be AT a good optimized site, and not vice versa. People from Instagram still go to the site to finish reading structured detailed information. The main conversion traffic in our case is from Google organic search.

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