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Most likely, you have repeatedly heard about the importance of installing a live chat widget on your website and have received various arguments in favor of it.

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We’re doing websites development for many years, have created our own CMS. We incorporated everything we lacked not only for visually appealing websites but also for boosting sales, successful SEO, and indexing.


Suppose you have been engaged in the search promotion of sites for long time. In that case, you probably know that the opinion of SEO experts and UX designers regarding filling pages of categories may not coincide. We suggest considering ways to improve the category pages taking into account the interests of potential buyers.


Many experts in digital marketing do not use all traffic channels, preferring those that are closer and more understandable to them.


In the previous article, we explained how you could increase the snippet’s CTR and thereby increase traffic to the site.


Bringing web pages to the top of search result rankings is one of the main tasks of SEO promotion. However, excellent organic ranking on Google alone does not guarantee that the site will immediately receive uninterrupted traffic flow. This is where snippets come in, as their content is written to spark users’ interest and desire to go to the landing page. If the ad is unimpressive, the promotion becomes pointless.


January is the perfect time to make business plans. If you set goals and accumulate energy correctly, even a problematic 2022 can be a springboard for development.


Do you plan to create a website that will attract customers and fully solve the tasks set? Imagine you have already decided on a developer. But do you thoroughly see your collaboration?


Imagine the situation: for example, two companies are operating in the legal services market. Both rely on content marketing and write quality content. The articles of one of them are constantly at the top of search results, while the articles of another rarely get even on the first page. What could be the reason?


We offer you a guest article from Jooble.

Linkbuilding (from English "link" - reference, "building" - construction) is an element of external optimization of the site. This method involves improving the position of a particular page or site in the search engine through a large number of links to them from other sources.


Let me guess: are you an entrepreneur or business owner? Or maybe a marketer? Or the same employee of a small company who was entrusted with the "sacred" - sales ... In any case, if you are here, then you probably know that the main pain in any field is the search for specialists who can be trusted. We will share our experience with you and hopefully be useful.


Well, friends! It's time to set goals for the next year! But first, it is necessary to take into account what has been achieved, won and deservedly received in the outgoing year! 

2021 was undoubtedly bright for our company! Changes, relocations, new acquaintances and replenishment in #spravateam.


22 articles and 12 cases on the account of the “SPRAVA” team in 2021! It turned out to be a beautiful number ... :) We tried very hard to make each material not only interesting, but also could help in the development of your project! And judging by the number of views, we did manage to do something. Today, let's recall the seven most informative and readable of these materials in case you missed something ...


Every year, the global e-commerce market grows irreversibly and even exceeds the growth rate of the offline market... Mastering the online space has become a kind of challenge of the time, in which, in order to succeed tomorrow, you need to navigate today. And a business website is not the only, but the best opportunity to do this! In this article, we have collected theoretical and practical tricks that will make your site sell.


The last weeks of the year are not only an occasion to sum up, conduct a merciless self audit and give yourself medals (and this is also necessary! Preferably, deservedly...), but it is also a great time to think a couple of steps ahead, set priorities and decide on the direction of moving forward!


This article was prepared specifically for by our partners - the team of the largest service in the field of SEO technologies! It will definitely be interesting and, oh, how useful, we guarantee! Enjoy reading

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