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Suppose you have long been engaged in the search promotion of sites. In that case, you probably know that the opinion of SEO professionals and UX designers regarding filling pages of categories may not coincide.


Many experts in digital marketing do not use all traffic channels, preferring those that are closer and more understandable to them.


In the previous article, we explained how you could increase the snippet’s CTR and thereby increase traffic to the site.


Bringing web pages to the top of search result rankings is one of the main tasks of SEO promotion. However, excellent organic ranking on Google alone does not guarantee that the site will immediately receive uninterrupted traffic flow. This is where snippets come in, as their content is written to spark users’ interest and desire to go to the landing page. If the ad is unimpressive, the promotion becomes pointless.


January is the perfect time to make business plans. If you set goals and accumulate energy correctly, even the problematic 2022 can be a springboard for development.


Do you plan to create a website that will attract customers and fully solve the tasks set? Imagine you have already decided on a developer. But do you thoroughly see your collaboration?

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