Why is a website a long-term and well-returned investment?

Maria Pavlyuchenko
Project manager at Sprava Agency
Web Development
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Today there are more than 4.66 billion active Internet users! Do you feel these scales and opportunities for ANY business?! Therefore, a cool, well-filled site that occupies good positions in Google can not only develop a project from scratch, but also scale an existing one!

We use the Internet in almost all spheres of life - we get the news and weather, book hotels and flights, order goods in online stores and communicate with friends on social networks.

The Internet, with its unlimited possibilities, pushed everything into the background and erased the boundaries between cities and continents. Thanks to the global network, your potential customers can find you anywhere in the world. And it's cool, you see!

Now, in order to sell goods, it is not even necessary to look for premises in a "passable" place and spend huge sums on repairs and rent. The service sector has also reached a new level: even if you have a purely local area, looking for clients via the Internet is many times faster, more convenient and more efficient than offline methods that have long lost their relevance, such as advertising on radio and TV, in the press or ads pasted on entrances...

Any company that seeks to gain a foothold in the industry and enter new markets today simply must be represented on the Internet. Are you still just thinking about it? Then we have bad news - your competitors are already mastering this almost limitless Internet space.

So what can your personal website do?

1. Increase sales

More than 60% of Internet users shop online and this number is growing every year. And the situation with COVID-19 has only accelerated this process. Among the top reasons people order online are:

  • free shipping (53%)
  • promotions and discounts (41%)
  • opportunity to read reviews (35%)
  • ease of return (33%)
  • order processing speed (30%).

2. Strengthen company image and brand awareness

To paraphrase the hackneyed expression, the site is the face of the company. A potential buyer has not yet been in the office, has not communicated with managers and has not tried a product or service, but it is by entering the site that he will make the first impression of you and your product. At this stage, absolutely everything is important:

  • beautiful and user-friendly interface;
  • high quality and beautiful photos;
  • concise and meaningful texts;
  • technologies that facilitate and shorten the path of your potential customer to your product and help him make a decision faster (chat bots, instant calls directly from the site, CTA buttons ... a new captcha after all!)

We take into account all these nuances when developing. We think of the site structure as well, if further SEO promotion is planned!

3. Reach exactly your target audience

How was it before? You pay for a billboard or radio ad and... you wait for the result. It is often impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of such advertising; there is no analytics system in these channels.

What do we have today? Today you see in the analytics system cabinet: who it was, where they have been, what page they came to, what they did and where they went next! What's more, your advertising campaign can be set up so that it will only be seen by, for example, 35-year-old women from Moscow (even a certain part of the city!), who have children or are interested in certain topics. Fiction? No, this is our reality.

4. Scale your business

Thanks to a well-made site, you can enter the regional / national / no need to be shy - the international market, too! And for this you do not need to open dozens of branches and expand the staff (and respectively, incur additional costs). It is enough to connect the online payment function and provide for the possibility of delivery, and your goods can be purchased by customers located far outside your city.

5. Stand out from the competition

A site with a competent structure will tell the visitor why it is necessary to work with you and facilitate the work of sales managers - the client is already almost warm!

6. Earn the trust of potential customers

Company registration data, privacy policy, licenses and certificates, information about management and employees, a list of partners and clients… well-placed pieces of this puzzle on the site ultimately create for the visitor a portrait of a company that you can trust and want to do business with. And that's what we're here for, right?

7. Simplify the buying process

Delivering food and groceries, booking hotels and tours, buying clothes and shoes, even buying a car - all this is available to millions of people on their smartphone or laptop. Compare products by parameters, study reviews and find the best price in the country without getting up from the couch… online shopping is becoming more and more popular every year! And here is your decision - to be inside this world or to observe it from the outside.

8. Give independence

Having pages on social networks and on third-party resources is always a plus, but also a risk. Because you are not immune from blocking and technical problems on the side of the resource.

For example, when VKontakte was blocked in 2017, the results of Ukrainian entrepreneurs promoting their goods and services through this social network came to naught. Imagine how much sales were lost with this channel just out of the blue…

With your site on a proven hosting such problems are practically excluded. Why "practically"? Because for the smooth operation of the site it is important to:

  • pay for domain and hosting on time;
  • engage in legal business;
  • use honest promotion methods.

You know about the prohibited areas of activity yourself ... but as for promotion, at SPRAVA we know absolutely everything about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and, most importantly, we use only effective and “white hat” methods, so you are guaranteed the result.

9. Save your time

What is the process of choosing a product or service offline? We come to the store, find the seller and start bombarding him with questions . And at that moment it is important that this employee can reel the material off and his work is A+ - in this case we are more ready to conclude a deal.

But competent and responsible employees are worth their weight in gold: it is costly to train new ones, and no one has canceled the human factor - a seller with a bad mood only discourages the desire to buy.

And what about the site? A cool site works around the clock, without breaks and days off, always in a good mood and provides the visitor with exactly the information that we have invested in it - just collect applications and do not forget to answer the flurry of phone calls.

Plus, it is quite possible that the presence of just such a site will allow you to optimize your staff and reduce costs, and, consequently, the cost of a product or service. Thus, providing more favorable conditions to its customers.

10. Be your manager 24/7

Without lunches, lateness, vacations and sick days ... Cool, you must agree! The main thing is not to forget to check the feedback forms :) By the way, here s a whole checklist that will help you make sure that your feedback forms on the site work to the maximum!

What conclusion can be drawn? Your company's website is your online office, representation on the Internet! For thousands of potential customers, this is sometimes the only way to find out about you. Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of this sales channel!

And, of course, do not forget about its SEO promotion, because 80% of search engine users DO NOT go to the second page of the search, so the first page is always a little crowded :) No time and desire to do it yourself? At online marketing company SPRAVA we offer a comprehensive service: a team of specialists in SEO promotion and maintenance, plus you will have a personal manager to whom you can delegate any tasks for your project.

Maria Pavlyuchenko
Project manager at Sprava Agency
Web Development
5 Min read
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