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How to communicate with developers to make the new site meet expectations

Liudmyla Katrych
Project manager at Sprava Agency
Web Development
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Do you plan to create a website that will attract customers and fully solve the tasks set? Imagine you have already decided on a developer. But do you thoroughly see your collaboration? It is crucial to understand that quickly filling out the brief, making a prepayment, and waiting for the result are not enough to get a quality product. 

At the same time, it is not necessary to be tech-savvy and be able to communicate with all those specific terms. You will be understood, even if you describe your wishes in simple words. However, for the site to meet all the stated requirements, the customer and the contractor must commit to teamwork. Based on our experience, we want to share secrets to help avoid misunderstandings, errors in the website's functioning, unnecessary improvements, and launch delays. So, how to communicate with developers?

Main project stages

So that you can imagine the website development process, let’s dwell briefly on its primary stages. Creation of a web resource includes:

  • development and filling out the brief;
  • prototyping;
  • mockup;
  • layout and CMS configuration;
  • content filling, function setting.

Needless to say, difficulties and misunderstandings are inevitable at any stage.

Filling out the brief and developing the technical assignment

On the one hand, you, as a customer, do not have to understand the terms and nuances of development; on the other - a different understanding of the tasks can lead to entirely different results. For example, under infographics, a business owner understands a complex animated block that requires rendering and programming. The performer may consider the task as creating blocks with icons and a short description. As you can see, we are talking about works of different complexity and volumes.

The person who creates websites is not a psychic who can read minds. To convey your result to the developer, find a similar element or function on another resource. 

There is nothing wrong with basing on the existing solution to create your own unique one, and reflect your vision of the product, service, or whole company. Moreover, a good reference and precise comments can significantly speed up the work. How to Effectively Communicate with Developers?

Feel free to ask questions and clarify what is meant by a particular item. Often misunderstanding in the initial stages, in the end, leads to entirely different results than expected. It is more logical and productive to spend a little more time on discussion than hours on correcting the undesired consequence.

Prototype: what is it needed for?

In simple words, the prototype is a sketch of the future website’s structure. It schematically displays the logical construction and design of the pages. The website prototype has a black-and-white execution and looks, at first glance, very unattractive. However, do not worry. The finished product will be completely different. The designer will join the process soon.

Development of pages’ logical structure with visual design allows:

  • to see the complete picture of the future project;
  • track the user’s path to the target action;
  • properly implement all necessary functions;
  • indicate the time frame for the work.

Do not underestimate the importance of your involvement, as a customer, in the creation of a website prototype. Visualization will allow us to understand whether it will be possible to implement the desired in practice, and constructive communication will help align with a creative team. Moreover, it is easier and cheaper to make changes to the prototype than to make changes to the layout or features on the finished website.

Preparing a mockup 

Mockup is the last visual stage before layout and programming. This work stage helps to define and approve:

  • fonts and color solutions;
  • content, buttons, and order forms displayed on the website;
  • how the site responds to user actions.

Design is a subjective and creative process. When evaluating the mockup, it is crucial to remember that the website should attract the target audience first, not the owner. In this case, the priority should not be the convenience of the resource to the user. If your competence is far from marketing and web design, you should consider the opinions of professionals.

Specifics of content preparation for a new resource

If possible, you should take care of the text filling in advance - before approving the structure and design. After all, it is much easier to form blocks for the finished description than to adjust the text for the template. Often when replacing “Lorem Ipsum” with text, the page content slides down and has to be rearranged, which leads to additional costs.

If you plan a site with an extensive structure and many pages, it is almost impossible to prepare the content quickly. In this case, it is worth writing texts for the main page, the «About the company» section, and several descriptions of goods and services. In this case, the designer can immediately show how the pages will look.

By the way, you can order content at the stage of SEO. Then you will receive texts immediately with keywords, and the site will be initially ready for promotion. At Sprava agency, we provide SEO service during the development phase. When planning the organic promotion of the resource, consider this option as an opportunity to optimize costs and start promoting the site after its launch.


The key task of the customer before the start of the work is to give the contractor as much project information as possible. How to Most Efficiently Communicate With Your Developers? The more specifics and details, the better. Send your vision of options, draw schemes and sketches and find good examples on other resources.

Do not be afraid that your site will be similar to others when you borrow ideas. When developing the concept, structure and design, many factors are considered: the industry, the interests of the target audience, the features of products, services and your personal wishes. The Sprava Agency team will help to create a unique project that will fully meet the challenges of your business. 

Not sure you can get along with designers and programmers? Each project in our agency is assigned to an account manager who is able to properly convey the task to the contractor and explain to the customer any incomprehensible points. However, direct communication between the developer and the client is still needed.

Are there any questions on design, development and promotion of websites? Contact us, and we will be glad to help.

Liudmyla Katrych
Project manager at Sprava Agency
Web Development
7 Min read
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