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What happens if you stop SEO-promotion of the site?

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Let's tell you all the most important things as quickly as your weekend flies. Let's go!

Recall that SEO is a set of measures for the development and promotion of the site in the upper lines of search results. What this gives to business is obvious:

  • additional traffic volume
  • new sales from the site
  • expansion of the audience of potential buyers and the sales network
  • brand development

term notation

organic search results for the query 'order flowers in Kyiv with delivery'

Oh, by the way... the concepts like SEO-promotion of the site and "contextual advertising". are often confused. It's actually simple:

  • contextual advertising is PAID search results
  • SEO is FREE Search Results

In the photo on the left, we show how to distinguish them in google results. In Yandex, everything is similar.

How long does it take to bring the company's website to the TOP?

In fact, everything is certainly individual and depends on many factors: competition, the specifics of your industry, the situation on the market, your advantages over competitors, etc. But 3-6 months is an average period. The main thing is a well-written work plan.

Here are some specific figures on the example of our customers:

the result of promotion in our company: issuance on query "hotel outside the city of Lviv"

Park hotel in the suburbs of Lviv – The first queries hit the top in 5 months, because there were low-frequency queries in the core. We wrote about this case here. Also, you can read about SEO for hotels on our website.

Dentistry in Dnipro - 3 months of work until the first queries appear in the TOP-10. Learn more

the result of promotion in our company: issuance on query "dentistry Dnipro"
the result of promotion in our company: issuance on query "Childbirth in Odesa"

Maternity hospital in Odessa. Stable growth throughout the year (start of work - June 2020). Also, you can read about SEO for medical websites.

Medical center in Lviv.. Stable growth for the year, at the moment the site is in the TOP-5 for the main queries. Wrote about this case here.

the result of promotion in our company: issuance on query "Lviv Medical Center"
the result of promotion in our company: issuance on query "fuel pellets in Ukriane"

Site for the sale of fuel pellets in Ukraine. Stable growth for the year, the beginning of work is February 2020.

Tatyana Zhevega, Head of SEO in SPRAVA

With the development of technology, with The Internet accessibility and education of people, and since 2020 also in connection with the pandemic, in different niches (competitive and not so much), more and more players are entering the market. This gives rise to:

  • increase in the competitiveness of queries;;
  • increasing user demands;
  • increasing the time to achieve results and, as a result, the cost of these works.

Therefore, if you want to sell now, in a year and in 5, then you should not postpone the start of work.

Well, to the main question:

What happens if you stop SEO?

Honestly, it will hurt:

  1. Gradually, the site will lose its position in the search results;

Tatyana Zhevega, Head of SEO in SPRAVA

The timing of the drop-out - depends not only on the frequency, competitiveness, state of the site, but also on the circumstances under which the positions go down. For example, a site can occupy 1-2 positions for a medium- or high-frequency query, but within a year it was decided "why pay for what we already have?!", and an upidet comes - the site goes to the 6-7 position in a matter of hours. "It's the same in the TOP," you might say. "Right. But this top gives 50-70% less traffic than the one that came before." Yes, it's not a guarantee that you'll stay there, but the subsidence can be less painful, offset by other queries, and with a clear recovery plan.

  1. Reducing positions will directly affect conversions - these are calls, applications, bookings, purchases from your portal;
  2. Everything that was achieved earlier (for months, and maybe years of work on the project) will lose all meaning. Reopening work will require a lot of effort, both financial and temporary;
  3. The site will stop evolving. And, accordingly, you will gradually begin to be bypassed by competitors;
  4. Search algorithms also do not stand still: changes will occur in the issuance and if you do not respond in time, the site can not only smoothly lose ground, but literally fall out of the TOP in one day.

Tatyana Zhevega, Head of SEO in SPRAVA

SEO isn't just a service, it's the lifestyle of a working website. It must be observed, supported and developed. Sometimes, mistakenly, you may get the impression that if you stop (for a while) the work on seo - nothing terrible will happen. And someone may be lucky and half a year or a year the site will +- feel good. And then Google's Update will come and reward competitors lower for their efforts and work. And in order to quickly return the previous volume of sales - you will have to invest many times more - in seo to return the position (six months to a year) and all this time in context, so as not to stop the business due to lack of sales. And it will come out according to the classic "the miser pays twice".

But let's not talk about the sad... Better about the pleasant: in this article we tell you how to conduct an SEO audit of the site yourself. And for those who do not have time, we offer a FREE audit of your site:

Eva Yanchuk

Project Manager Sprava Agency

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