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How to use landing pages to test new business ideas


Scott McLeod wrote an article about landing pages, and we translated it for our audience. Here, we would introduce you to the main things mentioned in the original article. Don’t forget to check it out for more detail.

Quoting the author, “fall in love with the problem, not the solution.” This means – when you see the problem, treat it as a theory or a hypothesis, which has different ways to be tested. It applies to business as well: what if you plan to launch a new product or service? Landing pages of your site can help you with it. The good thing about landing pages is that they can become the testing site for your future product. 

Split test the most essential elements

examples of template A/B test

Using templates of landing pages helps you to save resources, and with different templates, you can easily find out what suits your customers better.

For example, when planning a layout of your landing page or some of its elements, you can use A/B tests to find out which variant resonates the most with your customers. Note, though, that the perfect is the enemy of all good, and you should make the testing infinite ;)

Make a text that sells

Sounds like a quote from a marketing expert, right? But in the end, it's better to think about how you will sell the product or idea even before you start writing the code for your landing page. Roughly follow the next text structure to make it better: describe the problem and propose the solution; emphasize the benefits of your product/service/idea; make the headings attractive; keep the whole text concise; include a call to action. The first heading should be easy to understand and hook up the reader.

Have trouble with the right text? Contact us! Our specialists can help you to launch a landing page or a landing site and fill it with the content.

Visualise your product

People usually look through the images of goods they are planning to buy, so it is important to provide the pictures in high quality or even a video of your product so that you will see how much people engage with your product and how interested they are to buy it. Don’t have the product yet? You can always use 3D renders or find stock images to convey the general idea.

Natalie Korsun, middle SEO specialist at SPRAVA:

The attractiveness of the landing page affects not only the conversion but also indirectly the page's position in the search results. This is because when working on a landing page, we:

  • make it more convenient for visitors and in this way, improve its behavioral factors (in particular, the bounce rate reduces),
  • improve content while working on adding photos, videos, blocks with benefits, etc.,
  • add a commercial ranking factor - a contact form, which increases conversions when placed in the right place.

Keep the funnel in mind

Your customer opens the landing page, looks at the text and the visuals, then decides to buy your product - so he clicks on the “buy now” button and proceeds to checkout.

We are used to valuing the last step the most, but when testing something new, make sure to focus on the start of the funnel. Look at the statistics. When it’s “25% of users scrolled through the text to the end of the page”, think how to make them click the next page, watch the video, or subscribe – you get the idea. Small steps like these are important to get to the cherished checkout.

Make sure you get the right traffic

It is easy to check: for example, the author of an original article uses the 25% conversion rate from a landing page’s first CTA as a benchmark. If you don’t achieve that, either there’s something wrong with your product message, or your customers are simply somewhere else. Experiment and meet them halfway: your customers could be on any social network or react well to the paid ads on Google.

Give something to your visitors to increase conversions

People love gifts. Increase their loyalty, make sure they remember you and give them something. You can propose a beta-variant of software or free download, discounts for a preorder, or you could try and measure the number of people waiting for your product by offering them to get an email notification about the product launch.


Several tests can help you to find out which landing page design or text can bring you more conversions. Even if these conversions are the smallest and are at the start of the funnel. Don’t be afraid to experiment and start over, if you don’t get the desired result. And get the consultation of a specialist when in doubt – perhaps they could see your problem better from a different angle.

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