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Case: SEO for the hairdressing equipment internet store

Mariia Pavliuchenko
Project manager at Sprava Agency
3 Min read
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Our client specializes in the sale of goods for hairdressing salons. We had a specific task to increase sales of hair dryers. We break this task into two subtasks: to bring customers to the site and to increase sales.

We approach each working situation strategically, always analyze, put forward hypotheses, on the basis of which we build further work.

In this case, the main hypothesis sounded like this: if you fill the page with content, so that in response to the request, the visitor receives the most complete answer, then this:

  • will lead to an increase in the position of this page in search engines for targeted queries
  • increase the degree of interaction of the visitor with the content on the page
  • and most importantly - will increase the conversion for a specific landing page

Said - done. Let's get started.

The very first step to promote a website is a thorough analysis of Google's top search queries of the semantic core for the landing page that we are optimizing. Next, we make a list of necessary adjustments that needed to be made on the page. We got a list of 11 positions. Take a look at what we did to test our hypothesis:

  • Increased the amount of text on the site. There were 3000 characters, there were 9000, which fully reveal the benefits of such an acquisition with important footnotes for users about the advantages / disadvantages, i.e. a real expert opinion.
  • Added to the page an overview of the technical characteristics of the product.
  • We displayed the price for each product.
  • Added a video review of the product.
  • Added a block of reviews to the page.
  • Added the "related products" block to the page.
  • Formatted the text block as an article. A small, but beautiful and convenient nuance, the table of contents of the article was displayed above the entire text part.
  • Added a block of advantages of working with the company.
  • Added a block of terms of sale and warranty.
  • Added a block with the logos of partner companies.
  • Added a map with the location of the store to the page.

Overview of traffic sources

In addition to working with content on the page, we optimized the loading speed of the landing page to:

"First byte" - 0.7 seconds

*A value that indicates the latency time in data transfer between the browser and the server. It is this value that is an indicator of the speed of content generation. Recommended value - no more than 1 second

"Start Render" - 1,5 seconds

*the start time of drawing the page, during which the user begins to see the first elements on the site. Recommended value - no more than 2 seconds



  • Refusals 41.78%
  • Average page view time 00:01:16
  • The percentage of exits from the page is 29.67%
  • searches in the top google 10 - 85%, in the top 3 - 15%


  • Refusals 36.7%
  • Average page view time 00:01:88
  • Percentage of page exits 23.68%
  • Searches to the top of google 10 - 93%, to the top 3 - 36%

As a result of the work carried out, we have achieved an increase in traffic and an increase in conversion by 2 times.

The result of the work

Mariia Pavliuchenko
Project manager at Sprava Agency
3 Min read
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