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Case: Turning a seasonal hotel into a year-round resort thanks to SEO and PPC

Alya Gorelykova
CMO of Sprava Agency
Google Ads
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Our client is the owner of the hotel by the sea. We faced a number of tasks on the project:

  • Fill the hotel in season
  • Extend the season
  • Fill the hotel during the festive periods of winter and spring
  • Fill a hotel in the off-season
  • Optimize your overall advertising budget

How the work was built:

  • Thought out the format of the landing page so that it answers all the user's questions
  • Took into account all the current requests for summer holidays in the region where the hotel is located
  • then we connected the may and september requests
  • Reviewed the entire set of search phrases about events and celebrations
  • Having achieved an increase in targeted appeals in these areas, the hotel switched to year-round work.
  • Then we took vacation requests on the weekends, off-season, winter, fall breaks and spring.

But this is only the beginning of our work. What happened after that?

In parallel with the work on adding and seo optimization of search queries, we worked on the convenience of using the site:

  • Tested the adaptive version
  • Optimized the speed of loading the site
  • Added interactive content (videos, photos, expanded widgets of tripadvisor and social networks)
  • Adjusted the content according to the season
  • Constantly observed the pages from which the user left, improved them both in content and in interface
  • Queries for which the site did not go to the TOP were taken in contextual advertising, all the time minusing the queries that appeared in the organic issue
  • Worked with the attractiveness of the snippet
  • Finalized the profile of maps in Yandex in such a way that for high-frequency queries the hotel was one of the first to be issued in the general list



  • Refusals 15%
  • Visits from search engines - 38 738
  • Number of interactions with the booking form - 61
  • Positions in the TOP 10 Google - 19%
  • Targeted calls - 36 per month


  • Refusals 11%
  • Visits from search engines - 52 302
  • Number of interactions with the booking form - 460
  • Positions in the TOP 10 Google - 60%
  • Targeted calls per month - 163 per month

The result of the work carried out was not just an increase in positions, but also the opportunity for the hotel to work in the off-season, thanks to the growth of appeals for these periods of time.

The result of the work company 'SPRAVA'
Alya Gorelykova
CMO of Sprava Agency
Google Ads
2 Min read
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