Why website usability will help increase sales?

Kateryna Zubilevych
Project manager at Sprava Agency
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Site usability means "usefulness of use and the ability to be used." When they say “website usability”, it is primarily about the convenience and simplicity of the interface.

The entire path of the client on the site should be designed in such a way as to push him to make a conversion.

Conversion is an action on the site.

This can be not only an order for a product / service, but also other user interaction with you. He can order a call back, fill out a form on the site, register as a regular user, participate in the promotion, follow the link, subscribe to your newsletter.

What reduces conversion on an ecommerce site?

  • Incomprehensible navigation - the user does not understand what to click on to get to a section of the site, place an order, or perform another task.
  • Poor page layout - the user does not notice the opportunity to perform the target action.
  • Lack of information - the user cannot immediately decide whether this site is suitable for his purposes.
  • The presence of mandatory registration - not everyone will want to unreasonably leave their personal data.

To identify these problems, you need to conduct a usability test, which is carried out with the help of typical representatives of the site's target audience or order an expert assessment of the site's usability from a specialist. You can incorporate the results of this usability audit into your sales strategy to drive more revenue from your site.

Let's share our experience in improving the usability of our clients' websites.

Content transformation

Dilution of textual information with graphics and an image, which makes the text easier to read. An example from the site on education in Slovenia for immigrants from the CIS countries - 2tm.si:

BEFORE work: AFTER work:
the content on the page is just text the content of the same page with added pictures and tables
Just text The same information, diluted with figures and tables

After the changes on the site, page traffic increased in 14 months:

traffic growth after text transformations

Thus, for two years of systematic work with the site and active feedback from the client, it was possible to increase the average amount of time spent by users on the site.

The screenshot shows that the groups of users who spend on the site from 5 minutes to an hour have grown by 3-5 times:

traffic growth in minutes

Adding blocks like “Buy with this product” / “Other products”, or “Services that may interest you” / “Other services” provides several advantages:

  • an increase in the average check (since, when buying, for example, curtains, the user will certainly not refuse to immediately choose a cornice ...)
  • improving user behavior indicators, since the more pages of the site a user views and the longer he stays on the site, the greater the plus from search engines your site will receive to its “karma”
  • convenient for the user, because in this way he will be able to get acquainted with additional information on this topic
  • visually makes the page more attractive and “lightens” the text placed on it:

One more example. This is what the page looked like before the block was placed:

Another example of a page without additional blocks

Then a block with transitions to other pages of the site was added:

second page changings

As you can see from the click map, users actively use the added block - this can be seen from the color of the zones (those that are most often clicked are marked in red):

click map for newly added blocks

How the right site usability helps to sell furniture

Using the example of the furniture online store Onix let's look at how the right usability solutions helped to reduce the bounce rate and increase the number of orders.

  1. Improving the site header design. We made a distinction between phones and addresses, i.e. telephones were placed “on the right hand” for maximum convenience for users. We fixed the Header of the site when scrolling the page, so that the user always had the opportunity to call the online store at any time to order or clarify information.
    Було: site header before changes
    It was:
    site header after changes
  2. Working out and placing the USP on sliders with the most important information for buyers. This helped the customer to focus on the main areas and show their strengths to potential buyers.
    slider without USP
    It became:
    slider with USP
  3. Improving the main page of the site:
    • adding Our Benefits block, where we clearly presented the best indicators of the online store;
    • finalizing the Special Offers block (we added emphasis on popular models, new models, promotional models, etc.);
    • textual information on the page was diluted with photographs for better visualization by site users;
    • adding a Google map with marks of physical stores so that the potential buyer quickly and accurately understands where they are.
      It was:

It became:

Homepage before improving
Footer before improving

It became:

Homepage with Our benefits block
Footer after adding Google map with a mark

But the main enhancement of the site for the convenience of users was the unification of the sections Product Catalog and Shop. The point is that the customer is positioning itself as a large-scale online furniture store with an emphasis on office models. It is a direct supplier of furniture from manufacturing plants. Therefore, the Product Catalog presented all the furniture that is manufactured by manufacturing plants, and in the Shop section the furniture that is available at the moment.

These sections knocked down buyers, the bounce rate was obscenely high - 57.47%. Initially, in the Products Catalog section, prices for goods were not indicated, it was not possible to buy the goods you liked.

product category page before changes

In the Shop section, the price was indicated, but there was not a single call to action, i.e. to buy it was a long way to go.

product category page after changes

That's why SPRAVA specialists decided to combine these two sections into one - Shop.

The new section contained all the products that are currently in the store or that can be ordered in a short time.

For the new section, we worked out the correct divisions in the product catalog for the convenience of choosing the right product, focused on prices and added a call to action in the form of a Buy button, which helped reduce the bounce rate to 2%.

the page of section Shop

In general, if you compare the two periods “before” and “after improvements” using Google Analytics, you can see positive changes:

  • bounce rate has dropped significantly

bounce rate after work

  • the number of pages viewed has increased

number of pages viewed after work

  • average session duration increased

average session duration after work

Do you want to check if everything is in order with the usability of the site? Then contact us!

Specialists of SPRAVA will check the client's path on your site and tell you how to improve the situation.

Kateryna Zubilevych
Project manager at Sprava Agency
Google Ads
Meta Ads
Web Development
7 Min read
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