Car service "Garage"


On behalf of the “Garage” car service, we express our gratitude to the SPRAVA company team for the good work in SEO promotion and advertising of our site garage.od.ua. The guys advise us at each stage, give recommendations on what needs to be improved on the site, constantly send us reports, and also tell us what they plan to do. For every hryvnia that we paid them, they reported what they did for us with this money. The main thing is that we managed to achieve the main goal - we increased the number of calls and requests; according to their recommendation, our managers can find out where the calls come from. Also, as an additional source of income, we decided to launch contextual advertising, and everything is on top: with a small budget we get a good number of hits from advertising. Special thanks for the ability to work in a short time. We recommend this company as the best! Believe us, we have something to compare.