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What is Linkbuilding? How does it help to promote sites in the search engine?


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Linkbuilding (from English "link" - reference, "building" - construction) is an element of external optimization of the site. This method involves improving the position of a particular page or site in the search engine through a large number of links to them from other sources. It is no secret that users surveyed only the first pages of the search engine for a particular request. The closer the site (or page) is to the top of the list, the more chances that this very source is used.

For the average user, the concept of link building, i.e. increasing the number of links to a certain resource, may look rather abstract. For the owner of the site - it is a priority work. Above improving the profile of the postings to the site are working and SEO-specialist, representatives of one of the most promising IT jobs. On the resource of job search Jooble linkbuilders (i.e. professionals who are engaged in the generation of such a number of postings) offer a decent wage. Let's find out further what this term means and how does receiving valuable postings affect the positioning of websites?

What is Linkbuilding?

Link building is getting a large number of hits on a certain resource. An effective strategy is considered to be when a given site is requested from reputable sites, such as those that are highly positioned by the searcher himself. Often the receipt of a large number of inquiries from the resources of doubtful reputation can bring more problems than the cost. Search engines are increasingly becoming involved in the unorganized growth of the profile of postings.

Why is it important to build up a strong profile?

The reference to the page is perceived as a guarantee of its value. The number and quality of links to the site is a kind of recommendation/signal for the algorithms of Google, Bing, etc. More such signals, especially on the part of large portals, make the page more visible in the search engine. A similar situation is with the citation of scientific work - the more articles on it are referred to, the better. Promotion of the site in the search engine allows you to get more referral traffic, increasing brand / offer / product recognition among potential customers. Due to the properly selected link-building concept the resource can be positioned as an informational resource, and therefore, one that can respond to a greater number of inquiries than simply providing certain services.

What are the main methods of increasing the number of posts?

The described methods work best in synergy. It is always important to take as a basis good content of the resource and enhance it with technical SEO-tools.

Quality content

The most important tool of link-building - good content, which is fully responsive to the needs of users. It must have a clear structure, so that the search engine was easier to understand what this or that page is about. Relevant content, associated with other topics that may be of interest to users, significantly increases the performance of the site in the eyes of the search engine. Neat structure, generous responses to questions, as well as helpful design (paragraphs, illustrations, diagrams, interactive elements) contribute to the fact that the material is shared by a large number of people. As a result, the site is really popular among users and other resources. Most important, that your site has brought benefits. In this case, the links do not make you wait long for them.

Priority of pages

Every page should have good content. But for high positions for many keywords nowadays there is a very intense struggle, so you can't optimize everything at once. Look at the statistics of your site and find out which pages have the highest indicators. They will be the priority task of promotion. If they are already generating good traffic, bring them into the top 10 for certain words will be much easier. If your resource at least one of the important for you keywords will come out on the first positions, the rest will also gradually become attractive to users. 

Competitor's profile

The profile of your competitors' postings on the website can tell you a lot about the direction in which the industry is going. Thus, you can quickly orientate resources which type readily place links on sites similar to yours. However, for understanding the types of sites, which can be interoperable, this tactic is duly productive. It also allows you to understand which pages (and thus what type of content) leads your competitors to a high place in the distribution. Thus, it is easier to find out what to start with to optimize your own site.

You can also receive referrals through crowdfunding (when you post information about your products or services on a variety of markets, forums, sites with recommendations). It is very important to strike a balance between advertising the product and responding to requests from customers. Relevant recommendations of non-spam nature on sites or forums can significantly strengthen the profile of the reference to your resource.

Don't forget about the power of social media. The attractiveness of your content and how much users like it plays an important role in the popularity of the profile itself. Despite the fact that search engines cannot take into account Facebook or Instagram links indirectly, their presence still shows Google or Bing, that users know about your resource and willingly share it. In addition, through social networks you can strengthen brand awareness. As a result, the site will be searched for much more often, because it is already "known".

Where do you get referrals from? Organically - by interacting with sites that value the content you provide. The best way is to create quality and relevant content and offer it on platforms with your business. Be cautious about exchanging leads. This practice is not accepted by search engines. However, if you can advertise your services or knowledge where they are needed, such cooperation helps promote the resource with the necessary keywords.

There are many commercial methods of increasing the number of posts. They are limited only by time and budget. In addition, they require some basic knowledge of SEO-optimization. Then the links will really be beneficial.  If you do not have experience, it is better to ask for help from a SEO expert, who will help you avoid many failures and, in general, penalties from Google.

Without experience, the probability increases:

  • "wasting" the SEO budget on ineffective postings;
  • Reducing the cost of the site by attaching non-competitive requests;
  • falling under the sanctions of the SE.

Stay away from unnatural suggestions

Search engines have become much more sophisticated. That is why it is much easier for them to generate non-natural postings templates. In this case, the process of creating postings to pages should be only one of the activities of search optimization. If we don't forget about it, the site will be punished by Google and Yandex algorithms.

Please note! Before you start actively purchasing links, first check your resource for quality problems and, if possible, improve its content. This is easier and cheaper investment.

Is there a link to a solution to all SEO problems?

Absolutely not. In addition, by using SEO skillfully on your site, you can get more traffic for certain requests without a request.

When engaging in SEO promotion of your own resource, do not forget that the Internet is dominated by the principle of recommendations. Creating content, ask yourself whether you would recommend what you are writing or doing to someone. Combine quality with technical support and be bold enough to reach the top pages of searchers.

Another solution for promoting your website on Google is to hire a digital marketing company. You can get to know how much SEO agency services cost by reading one more article on our blog.

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