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SPRAVA: results of the year


Reading Time: Priceless! That's why we'll be brief :)

Well, friends! It's time to set goals for next year! But first, it is necessary to take into account what has been achieved, won and deservedly received in the outgoing year!

2021 was undoubtedly bright for our company! Changes, relocations, new acquaintances and replenishment in #spravateam..;) But first things first!

We have worked hard!

Let's face it... :)

Some numbers:

  • More than 70 new websites have been created by SPRAVA web development team for our clients projects!
  • 42 NEW customers received FIRST orders from the Internet with our help!
  • 12 customers returned to us after a break... Because it's better with us than without!
  • And our PPC department set up and launched about 500 advertising campaigns in a year!

We have another small victory - the geography of "SPRAVA" projects now includes Croatia!

Our team has also grown to:

  • +7 account managers
  • +2 SEO specialist
  • +2 project managers
  • +1 programmer
  • +1 sales manager
  • +1 context manager

And we will continue to expand the team in 2022, so if you have a desire to become a part of the SPRAVA, welcome - we are in touch!

We also have the most running programmers! Not in the sense of running away from the “transience of being” and the technical tasks of our customers... Alexander Andreev, for example, participated in the 10 km race and took 7th place, running the distance in 58:52 minutes! We are proud of Sasha and gladly ate more than one cookie for his health while he conquered the running Olympus! Well, someone has to, right?.. :)))

And we have the best SEO team!

In 2021, we met numerous Google updates without loss for our customers - none of our sites were included in the lists of “lost” ones:

  • June 2021 Update
  • July 2021 Update
  • Google Core November 2021 Update
  • Product Reviews Update (multiple steps)
  • Spam Update (multiple steps)
  • Page Experience Update
  • Passage Ranking Launch 

And this is only from the large ones in Google ...;)

By the way, the head of the SEO department Tatyana Zhevega was invited this year as an expert in the webpromoexperts Academy of Internet Marketing article about trends for 2022

Well, this year we also experienced, if not a repair, but also no less resource-intensive event - the relocation of the Odessa office! Come visit us - our new office is so comfy... See for yourself:

We also learned a lot!

True, due to COVID restrictions, we studied mostly online… but we couldn’t miss the main IT events in Ukraine!

iForum and GuruConf (Kyiv, June and September 2021):

The guys from the Odessa department were trained in "Project Management in IT" on the LABA platform.

Head of SEO Department Tatyana Zhevega successfully completed two courses: Brand Management and Internet Marketing Strategy 2021 by Anton Voronyuk on Udemy.

SEO-specialist Natalia Korsun took a basic marketing course from Google.

And also no one canceled the training within the company - this is our tradition throughout almost the entire existence of "SPRAVA"!

But we did not forget to rest

…of course, together!

New Year's corporate parties have ceased roaring in all departments of our company - we hope you, too, friends, managed to recharge with this magical atmosphere of winter holidays!

Now, with a clear conscience, we can afford to take a break from December 31 to January 3! :) And again, let's start this marathon for leading places in the TOP, in exciting competitions for the title of user-friendly sites of our customers, and, of course, continue to break records in conversions and CTR!

Thank you for being with us, friends! Happy holidays to you! May 2022 live up to your expectations and be even better! And if you need internet marketing help - we are in touch!


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