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About 50% of Google’s user queries are focused on a specific city, area, or exact location of service delivery or sales.

SEO at the website development stage is a strategic step that allows you to prepare your web resource for search promotion and full implementation of business tasks.

The IT industry is a competitive niche with a high cost per lead, so some business owners question the return on investment of SEO in the short term.

People who are willing to spend money to improve their appearance tend to look for a reliable clinic or doctor on the Internet.

A landing page that consists of a small number of pages is a kind of presentation of the company or private specialist on the Internet.

Do you doubt the effectiveness of SEO for a small business website? After all, it’s understandable that you might think it’s extremely difficult to keep up with large companies in terms of performance and traffic.

It is hard to imagine a successful business providing services in the beauty sphere without a high-quality website and its search engine promotion.

Internet presence is crucial for the success of real estate agencies, realtors, and developers. However, just having a site and publishing ads will not help sales if the resource is not visible to potential clients.

Until recently, Ukraine's agricultural niche remained untouched by digital opportunities. It still used traditional methods for customer attraction - personal acquaintances, word-of-mouth, and networking at thematic events.

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